How to Earn More Selling Your Wide Flange Beams with Eiffel Trading

Wide flange beam (also called W-beams) are a type of high-loadbearing support material used in temporary support work and structural foundations like the construction of commercial buildings, bridges, stadiums, highways, and more. Wide flange beams include a central web that connects two parallel end units, known as “flanges,” which are generally broader than an h-pile beam, which have flanges equal in length to the height of the web.

Due to the temporary nature of wide flange beams and the high price of steel, beams retain their value and can be uninstalled and resold as “used” after a project is complete. However, if you want to make the most money for your wide flange beams, there are a few important steps you should take, and certain pitfalls to avoid. Here, we cover the four main ways you can earn more by selling your wide flange beams with Eiffel Trading.

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1. Eiffel Trading will earn you more than a global goods marketplace.

Global goods marketplace websites sell without quality restrictions, meaning the general value of inventory sold on their site is lower. When the inventory is subpar, this drives down the price of goods for everyone using the market, since sellers have to decrease their prices in order to remain competitive. Global goods marketplaces also charge sellers to list their products, which cuts into your profits, and they can take days to push listings live, especially if you don’t pay extra for a membership through their platform. For these reasons, selling your wide flange beams through a global goods marketplace is not a good way to earn the most money.

When you list your wide flange beams on Eiffel Trading’s online platform, you’ll have the opportunity to target contractors who are looking for wide flange beams just like yours. Our enhanced search tools and niche market ensures every listing gets the attention it deserves, which drives up the value for your equipment. Because the average quality of products sold on our platform is higher than that of those on a global goods marketplace, sellers can expect to earn a fair price for their wide flange beams.

2. Eiffel Trading’s online platform is seamless and easy to navigate.

When looking at different online marketplaces, you’ll likely notice some sites are easy to navigate while others are confusing, clunky or outdated. If it’s difficult to find your way around a website, you can assume it will also be difficult for buyers to discover your listing, since site quality can reflect things like how fast your listing goes up and how well your materials are marketed to potential customers.

Don’t waste your time listing your wide flange beams on low quality websites. Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace is presentable, up to date and easy to navigate, which leads to more interested buyers and a faster sale.

3. Eiffel Trading helps you price your wide flange beams according to the market.

Selling your wide flange beams at too low a price means you’re leaving money on the table, but if you price your beams too high, you may find you’re unable to sell them at all. In order to price your wide flange beams according to the market, start by estimating the value of your beams based on their age, visual signs of wear, corrosion, and damage. Wide flange beams in better condition can be sold for a price closer to the original cost, while older wide flange beams with more wear should be discounted. If you need help, Eiffel Trading has a team standing by and is happy to help you price your beams most effectively. To get started, email or call us 1-800-541-7998.

Steel beams: wide flange, h-oile, and more

4. Eiffel Trading will earn you more than auction houses.

If you put your wide flange beams up for auction, you’re limiting yourself by only advertising your beams to a narrow market. In unreserved auctions, this lowers your odds of finding a buyer who’s willing to pay a fair price for your materials. In reserved auctions, your beams could be up for auction for much longer than you’d expected since the pool of buyers is smaller. In both situations, you may find yourself stuck when you could have instead kept your selling rights by listing your mats for sale directly to the consumer.

In addition to selling rights, when you sell used wide flange beams at auction, it’s unlikely the beams will go to the buyer who needs the materials for their project. Rather, your wide flange beams will be sold to an auction attendee looking to get a good deal, who may later flip the materials for a profit themselves.

At Eiffel Trading, we optimize our online marketplace to target the right buyers looking for wide flange beams just like yours, when ensures you earn a fair price for your materials. Eiffel Trading specializes in the sale of materials such as wide flange beams to buyers all across North America. When you buy or sell W-beams on Eiffel Trading, you’re joining ENR Top 400 companies, rental companies, dealers, brokers and suppliers from all 50 states, plus Canada. Beams listed for sale on our site are sorted by region and can be bought and shipped outside of a seller’s state, and our online marketplace allows you to list, search for, and purchase W-beams 24/7/365.


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