Inspection Tips for Crane Access Trestles

When inspecting a crane access trestle either for purchase or rental, there are a few key things to review to ensure the material suits your project. These items include the trestle’s wear and tear, purchase date, prior applications, drawings, certifications, and project information, which should be reviewed by an engineer.

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1. Inspect the crane access trestle for wear and tear.

Before purchasing or employing a crane access trestle, consider the trestle’s visual signs of wear, any damage to the steel, and the overall standard of construction. Furthermore, review the trestle’s age and, if applicable, the year it was purchased.

2. Review the crane access trestle’s prior applications.

Crane access trestles are designed to work in shallow water. However, different types of shallow water can cause more wear to crane access trestles than others. For example, salt water can be more damaging to equipment than fresh water, and fast-moving rapids can be more damaging than a slow stream. Additionally, crane access trestles are designed to carry a range of loads, so you will want to find a used crane access trestle that was engineered to hold a crane comparable to the one you plan to use. It’s useful to understand a trestle’s prior applications so you can fully understand the amount of unseen wear a trestle may have endured as well as the trestle’s compatibility to your project.

3. Review the crane access trestle’s drawings.

Before moving forward on a project, it’s vital to ensure the crane access trestle is compatible with your plan. Determine what drawings your project requires and then match those drawings to the crane access trestle. If the drawings of the trestle are not compatible, it’s often possible to adapt them to your project. However, this is something you’ll want to determine with your engineer before a project begins.

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4. Ensure the project information is reviewed by an engineer.

Every project will come with unique requirements, and different crane access trestle systems are engineered to handle different loads. When inspecting a crane access trestle, it’s important that an engineer reviews the project information to ensure the equipment is compatible. If the intended load does not match the size of the trestle, you may need to adapt it, or find a more compatible system.

5. Ask to see certifications.

If the trestle is used, the steel may or may not still have original certifications. Crane access trestles that include a certification are typically favored over those that do not. Keep this in mind for selling crane access trestle as well – it is always in your best interest to hold onto steel certifications for resale!

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