Should I Purchase a Used Mabey Bridge?

Mabey Bridges

Mabey is a temporary bridge brand that makes several types of temporary site access bridges, though each of their styles can be made permanent with modifications. Such types include the Mabey Compact 200, which is the brand’s most popular model and can be installed temporarily or as a permanent solution for up to two lanes of traffic; the Mabey Atlas Bridge, which is often used to lessen traffic congestion for up to two lanes; and the Mabey Pedestrian Bridge, which uses the same modular components as the Compact 200 but can be placed in an array of different widths to maximize pedestrian safety. Regardless of the model, every Mabey bridge can be used to keep traffic flowing and enable access for heavy equipment, workers, and vehicles.

If you’re in the market for a Mabey bridge, one of the first choices you’ll make is whether to purchase the equipment new or used. Choosing to purchase a used Mabey bridge comes with many benefits: it’s more cost effective, can save time, enables high quality results, retains a high resale value, and more.

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1. Purchasing a used Mabey bridge is more cost effective.

New Mabey bridges come directly from a dealer or manufacturer, which means they’re sold at new market price. By purchasing used, you’ll be able to acquire the bridge at a discounted cost. This makes used Mabey bridges an attractive option for buyers looking to save money.

Additionally, Mabey bridge systems are heavy and freight costs can be expensive. Luckily, it’s often possible to find used Mabey bridges within your region, which can greatly reduce transportation costs.

2. Purchasing a used Mabey bridge can save you time.

Buying a new Mabey bridge means the bridge must ship from one of only a few sources, which may be located in distant regions and therefore can take time to transport. When you open your search up to used Mabey bridges, you can often find local sellers, meaning transportation times may be reduced.

3. Purchasing a used Mabey bridge can enable high quality results.

Mabey bridges are designed to last. They can be reused again and again on a range of projects and endure a great deal of wear and tear without an impact on performance. Because of their durability, you can purchase a used Mabey bridge to save money without sacrificing output. We recommend you inspect the used Mabey bridge before purchasing to ensure that the unit is exactly what you’re looking for!

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4. Used Mabey bridges retain their resale value.

Because of their durability, Mabey bridges have a strong resale value, even over long periods of time. Once you’re finished using your Mabey bridge, you can resell to recoup some of your original investment.

5. You can purchase used Mabey bridges that are already compatible with your project.

Mabey bridges come in a range of engineered configurations. When shopping, you can determine what bridge configuration suits your project and then match the drawings to used Mabey bridges listed for sale. This strategy allows you to obtain a bridge that seems custom-made without paying a premium for manufacture modifications.

6. Used Mabey bridges stand the test of time.

Mabey bridges are durable and built to last, and you don’t have to purchase new to reap these benefits. When you invest in a used Mabey bridge and maintain properly, the equipment will still serve you for projects to come.

Purchasing a used Mabey bridge is a great way to save money on your upcoming project while still enjoying many of the benefits as buying new. Eiffel Trading has an active marketplace of used Mabey bridge sellers, and listings are updated continuously. Our platform allows you to create a free wanted listing to bring relevant sellers directly to you. As an added perk, when you work with Eiffel Trading, we can help you sell your used Mabey bridge once your project is complete.

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