Should I Purchase Used Concrete Formwork?

Concrete formwork is employed to create concrete structures of precise shapes and sizes rapidly and efficiently. Formwork is a frame or mold into which wet concrete is poured. The majority of concrete formwork is temporary, which means once the concrete sets, the formwork is removed and can be re-used. Permanent formwork also exists but less frequently used. Forms are commonly made of steel, aluminum, plastic, or wood. Steel and aluminum forms are designed to last for decades and numerous uses.

Concrete formwork is used for a variety of different types of projects, including bridge construction, building construction, overpass construction, highway construction, tunnel construction, viaduct construction, and industrial and energy construction. Any project that involves concrete construction can benefit from the use of forms. Popular concrete formwork brands include EFCO, Peri, Doka, Symons, and WADCO, and popular types of concrete formwork include column formwork, girders, super studs, barrier formwork, and much more.

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Benefits of Buying Used

Formwork can be purchased brand-new at full price or be purchased used. As mentioned, steel and aluminum forms, which are also called engineered forms, are intended for repeated use over extended periods of time, oftentimes up for up to around 3,000 cycles. If you are considering buying used, here are some compelling reasons to do so:

Engineered formwork is designed to be tough and stay in great condition, so buying used is rarely a concern in terms of quality.

Pre-owned formwork can help you cut project costs. Steel prices are at all-time highs, and buying new as opposed to used can steeply increase the total cost of your project. Buying used is a wonderful way to save money.

There’s a large used market of concrete forms, and finding the type of formwork you need from a quality brand is achievable.

There’s no wait time for used formwork to be produced by a manufacturer, which is the case in some instances when you buy new.

Used engineered forms are better for the environment, since you’re recycling rather than necessitating the creation of a new product.

If you do decide to save some money and buy used concrete formwork, it is imporant to assess the quality and condition before you buy. If forms are dented or damaged in a way that may compromise their capabilities, they may not be the best option for purchasing. Don’t be dissuaded if formwork isn’t shiny and brand-new looking, though. That doesn’t mean it won’t get the job done.

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Selling Used Formwork

Once you’re done using formwork and no longer need it, you may decide make money by selling your used concrete formwork to another contractor. If this happens, make sure you clean off the formwork thoroughly and store it in a covered, protected area until it can safely be transported to its new owner. Formwork is built to last for the long haul, but it can last even longer if it’s taken care of well. In addition, taking great care of your concrete formwork allows you to get top dollar on the used market.

A few tips for selling used concrete formwork:

  • Take well-lit, clear photos. This allows potential buyers to adequately assess the formwork’s condition.

  • Have any potential paperwork handy. If you have access to original receipts, certifications, etc., this will greatly assist the buyer’s assessment!

  • Price the formwork to sell. Factors such as location, condition, and original purchase price need to be taken into consideration.

Still looking for the right concrete formwork for you project at the right price? You have nothing to lose by exploring used options, and doing so could help you save money without sacrificing quality!

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