Should I Sell My Flexifloat Sectional Barges?

Flexifloat barges are among the most popular kinds of sectional barges. These barges are produced by the well-reputed Robishaw Engineering and branded under their Flexifloat line. Along with Poseidon sectional barges, Flexifloat barges are top sellers on both the new and used market.

The most distinguishing characteristic of Flexifloat barges in comparison to other types of sectional barges is their unique interlocking system, which does not require the use of securing pins. A Flexifloat barge is self-contained in this way, and its modules easily connect with the help of an upper and lower connection point at each section. An attached vertical bar, which is a part of the interlocking system, secures the connection between modules.

Flexifloat barges are highly sought after, and selling your Flexifloat barge on the used market can certainly be a great option and lucrative endeavor!

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Types of Flexifloat Barges

There are three different series of Flexifloat barges that sell quite well on the used sectional barge market. Below is some information about these Flexifloat barge options in terms of factors like their load capacities.

Series H-50

This type of Flexifloat barge is a particularly hot item on the used market. Its operational load capacity is up to 100 tons, and it’s the most compact and portable type of Flexifloat. Projects that require a sectional barge to be relocated several times over their course benefit from this option. Additionally, a Series H-50 barge may come in handy alongside another, larger sectional barge to provide some extra support.

Series S-50

Able to handle a bit more weight than the H-50 series, the S-50 series of Flexifloat barges can support up to 300 tons in operational load. They’re great for applications like oil well servicing, bridge construction, dam construction, equipment and material transport, etc.

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Series S-70

For applications necessitating large cranes, ribs, and excavators, the S-70 series is your best bet. This series boasts a static load capacity of 2,000 tons and is an excellent choice for heavy duty needs.

All available Flexifloat barges are designed with stackable modules that can easily and simply be transported by traditional 18-wheelers. They’re also compatible with Flexifloat spud and spudwell attachments as well as Flexifloat winch systems.

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If you’re looking to sell your Series H-50, Series S-50, or Series S-70 Flexifloat barge, make sure you get it buyer-ready by rinsing it off, blasting it if necessary, and keeping it stored in a safe and protected area. These are some simple things you can do to ensure that it stays in good condition before handing it over to a buyer.

Once you’re ready to create a listing for your Flexifloat barge, make sure you take some good pictures in natural light and take note of any specs and accessories you may want to include in your product description. Since Flexifloat barges are a hot commodity, they tend to sell quickly if they are in good, working condition!

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