Should I Sell My Overhang Brackets?

Bridge overhang brackets are a type of concrete formwork employed to construct bridge deck overhangs. Along with timber joists and plywood sheathing, overhang brackets play a pivotal role in producing precise and secure overhangs. These formwork components are usually made of steel or aluminum. Steel brackets, however, are a bit more common than aluminum. Because they are made of durable metal, bridge overhang brackets can be installed, get their job done, be uninstalled, be used again and again, and be sold for a profit once a contractor is finished with them for a particular project.

Overhang brackets simplify and aid in the construction of bridge deck overhangs quite significantly. They are secure and enhance project safety. Installation of overhang brackets is simple and quick, whether they are installed individually or using a gang assembly, depending on their specifications. They are also compatible for installation on precast concrete beams, concrete box beams, or structural steel beams. And, in addition to being used to construct bridge deck overhangs, overhang brackets are sometimes used in perimeter work platform construction and water treatment trough wall construction.

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Popular Types and Sizes of Overhang Brackets

There are a variety of kinds of bridge overhang brackets on the market. Brackets are distinguished from each other based on brand, model, size, adjustability, and general capabilities. Some popular bracket models from Dayton Superior, one of the premier overhang bracket makers, include: C49, C49S, C49D, C49JR, C49, and C89L. Dayton Superior’s C89 series, which C89L belongs to, is their heavy-duty series for projects that require extra strength and durability from brackets.

When to Sell Overhang Brackets

As mentioned, overhang brackets are engineered for repeated use. If you’re done utilizing overhang brackets for a project, it can be a lucrative choice to sell them. As is the case with most types of formwork, overhang brackets are in high demand, and the used market is hot right now thanks to the current high prices of brand-new materials and equipment. Finding an interested buyer for your brackets who is willing to pay you a fair price should be seamless depending on your location, the condition of the brackets, etc.

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If you’ve decided to sell your overhang brackets, which is an excellent option, make sure you clean them off after use and store them in a protected area that keeps them safe from damage due to excessive heat, rain, or other inclement weather. When you’re storing and transporting them, it may be a good idea to disassemble them. For shipping purposes, this allows them to fit easily into shipping containers or boxes, which may also have the added benefit of lowering shipping costs. In addition, it is typically helpful to take clear, quality photos of the overhang brackets that you intend to sell. This allows a prospective buyer to adequately see the condition of the brackets before purchasing.


On the other hand, if you’re a buyer looking to purchase bridge overhang brackets, rest assured that buying used doesn’t mean you have to compromise on quality. It can be a great way for you to save some money, and you’ll find that there’s a large and growing selection of used overhang brackets on the market. Finding the right brackets for your project at a price that fits into your budget is a task that our team specializes in!

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