Should I Sell My Sectional Barges?

Sectional barges, also known as “truckable” barges, are barges that are both compact and easily transportable. They can be maneuvered into tight spots where other barges oftentimes cannot. Made up of sections or modules that can be attached and detached from each other, sectional barges serve as platforms for work equipment, workers, and materials. Their sections can be connected in ways that allow for a variety of platform shapes and sizes.

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When being transported, most sectional barges can easily stack onto 18-wheeler trucks. Their roll form decks can handle between 5,000 lbs/sqft and 20,000 lbs/sqft loads, making them ideal for supporting both small and large decks and other heavy machinery. Used to support construction operations, dredging, pile driving, and material transportation across waterways, sectional barges are exceptionally versatile. They are also made of steel that is most often treated with corrosion and rust protection, which means they’re built to last and be used over and over for decades. This makes them a great choice for selling once they are no longer needed.

Selling Your Sectional Barge

Once you’re finished using it for a project, selling your sectional barge can certainly be a great idea! Selling sectional barges allows you to recoup a significant portion of what you paid to initially buy it, and it gives a buyer on the used market a chance to acquire a barge for a price that is below what they would pay if buying new. If you’re trying to sell a sectional barge that is either FlexiFloat or Poseidon brand, there are always interested buyers in the market.

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If you decide to sell your sectional barge, here are some recommendations to get it ready for potential buyers:

Assess its condition. Make a note of any rust, corrosion, and dents so that you can give potential buyers an idea of what kind of shape it’s in.

Rinse/clean it off if it’s been used in saltwater. As opposed to fresh water, saltwater can be a bit harder on your sectional barge. Rinsing/cleaning it off if you’ve used it in saltwater for a project will help it stay in good condition and prevent premature aging as it sits in storage waiting to be purchased.

Store it in a safe spot. Covered, protected areas are ideal for your sectional barge to be stored in as it awaits being sold.

Consider blasting it if necessary. If there’s a significant amount of antifoul residue, barnacles, or marine growth on your barge, consider whether blasting it might make it more attractive to possible buyers.

Restore. Even a fresh coat of paint or minor restorations can greatly improve the selling value of your sectional barges.

Be sure to advertise any extras. When you create the listing for your sectional barge, you should note if it comes with any add-ons like a winch system, spud system, or elevating system. These add-ons can make your sectional barge stand out from the crowd and sell even faster.

Overall, selling your sectional barge makes a lot of sense! It’s a wise financial choice, and it will help you clear out some coveted storage space once it’s sold. So, what are you waiting for? Start the selling process today!

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