Should I Sell my Steel Sheet Pile?

Steel sheet pile is engineered to stay durable for a long time and to be used and re-used. If you’ve completed a project and have leftover steel sheet pile, whether it’s surplus or used, you should most definitely consider selling it. It’ll clear up some storage space and help you generate extra cash. Plus, selling is usually a fairly simple process, and finding an interested buyer isn’t difficult. Steel sheet pile retains its value quite impressively, and the steel market is hot right now. With sky-high steel prices, there are plenty of buyers looking to save a bit of money on sheet pile by buying used rather than new.

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Things to Consider When Selling Steel Sheet Pile

If you make the smart and financially-savvy decision to sell, here are a few things to consider and make note of before you list your sheet pile:

• Condition –

You’ll want to let buyers know what kind of shape your sheet pile is in. If it’s damaged in any way that might compromise its ability to perform its job, you may want to decide to sell it as scrap metal instead of listing it as a product buyers can re-use. If it’s in average or above-average condition and is still usable, many buyers will be interested!

• Type –

The most popular types of used sheet pile include Larssen interlock sheet pile, ball and socket interlock sheet pile, and thumb and finger interlock sheet pile. These types are excellent choices for various applications. Some of our hottest sheet pile sections are PZ-27 sheets, AZ-26 sheets, and PZC-18 sheets, in addition to many more! You shouldn’t have any trouble finding a buyer willing to pay you a fair price for one of these popular styles.

• Prior Applications –

Steel sheet pile can be used in a variety of ways, including to construct retaining walls, cofferdams, bulkheads, graving docs, levees, bridge abutments, piers, and more. Make a note of whether it’s been previously used in salt or fresh water (if applicable), as this is important for potential buyers to know. In addition, if your steel sheet pile has only been driven in sand (as opposed to dense, rocky soil), be sure to make note! This is a great selling point, as sand is much softer on sheet pile than many other soil types.

Popular Steel Sheet Pile Styles

As we mentioned, Larssen interlock, ball and socket interlock, and thumb and finger interlock are all popular and in-demand on the used market. More specifically, the following steel sheet pile styles are highly sought after on the used market:

• PS sheet pile

• PZ sheet pile

• PZC sheet pile

• AZ sheet pile

• NZ sheet pile

• ZZ sheet pile

• Hoesch sheet pile

• ESZ sheet pile

If you have any surplus sheet pile or sheet pile you’ve uninstalled and no longer need in these styles, consider selling!

Selling your surplus or used sheet pile can be both simple and lucrative. Listing it online can help you attract several interested buyers who are willing to pay a decent price and ready to take it off your hands to ultimately help you free up valuable storage space. While you’re waiting to sell, make sure you store your sheet pile in a covered, protected area to make sure it stays in good condition for your buyer!

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Buy and Sell with Eiffel Trading

Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace is a one-stop-shop for your sheet pile needs. Our used sheet pile inventory includes various sections such as PZ / PZC sheet pile, cold rolled sheet pile, AZ / NZ / ZZ/ Hoesch sheet pile, and more! In addition to materials, we have a robust inventory of used equipment ranging from used sectional barges, to used shoring towers, to everything in between.

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