Should I Sell My Structural Steel?

Structural steel is a broad term used to encompass many types of steel construction materials including steel plates, sheet pile, pipe pile, trestles, W-beams and H-pile. Due to the longevity of structural steel, these materials can be uninstalled and resold after use. If you find yourself with used excess structural steel, either left over from a project or newly uninstalled from a previous installation, there are many good reasons to sell the materials rather than hold onto them: you can make money, save storage space, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used steel.

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Why You Should Sell Your Used Structural Steel

Sell Your Used Structural Steel to Make Money

Selling your used structural steel is an excellent way to recoup some of your original investment. Due to the rising cost of steel, there’s a growing market of interested buyers looking to purchase steel used. Potential buyers enter the market every day, and so by listing your steel for sale, you’ll be able to connect with these shoppers.

Sell Your Used Structural Steel to Save Storage Space

Storage space for large materials such as steel plates, trestles, sheet pile, pipe pile, W-beams and H-pile is often limited and can be expensive to maintain, especially if you plan to store your steel at an offsite location. By selling your used structural steel, you’ll free up storage space, saving both money and resources.

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Sell Your Structural Steel to Assist Other Contractors

When the price of steel is high, buyers become more interested in cost-saving options like purchasing used materials. However, due to high demand, many buyers struggle to obtain the materials needed to move forward on their projects. If you have unneeded structural steel, consider selling it now rather than holding onto the steel indefinitely. Not only will you take advantage of the market, but you’ll be helping out a contractor who could utilize the material that you no longer need.

Tips for Selling Used Structural Steel

Once you’ve decided to sell your used structural steel, there are a few things to consider before posting the materials for sale in order to make the most of your listing.

1) Price Your Steel Based Its Condition

Before you sell used structural materials such as steel plates, sheet pile, pipe pile, trestles, W-beams or H-pile, there are a few metrics you can use to determine the material’s value, which can help you price the equipment fairly and sell it quickly. One of these factors is the steel’s condition. To determine the overall condition of your used structural steel, consider the steel’s age, visual signs of wear, damage, and the overall standard of construction. For sheet pile specifically, it is also important to check the interlocks to make sure they are in working shape. Similarly, look at the prior application of the steel. Materials installed in harsher environments may have more damage than those previously used for low-impact projects. For example, steel driven into sand will likely have more integrity than pipes driven into hard rocky soil.

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2) Take Photos of the Structural Steel in Good Light

When you take high quality photos of your structural steel, potential buyers will get a better sense of what you’re offering and will therefore be more likely to act. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to get the best shot. Good-quality daylight and a clean phone lens is enough. Aim to take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you’re showcasing your structural steel in its entirety. If you really want to go the extra mile, take videos of your steel!

3) Be Upfront About Defects & Additions

The goal should never be to trick potential buyers into overlooking a material’s defects or differences. Instead, be upfront an honest about any welds, stiffeners or abnormalities in your structural steel and price your materials accordingly.

4) Remember to List Certifications

Structural steel that includes a certification is more desirable than steel without a certification. If your structural steel is certified, be sure to include that information in the listing and have the paperwork handy.

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