Should I Sell My Used Crane Mats?

Crane mats are large platforms made of heavy-duty wooden planks that are placed underneath equipment, such as cranes, to protect the ground from the machine’s tires, protect the equipment from becoming mired in mud, and provide a stable platform for the machinery to function. Since crane mats are not meant to be permanent, they must be uninstalled after a project is complete. If you’ve finished using your crane mats but do not plan on reusing them in the near future, there are many good reasons to sell the mats rather than hold onto them: you can recoup some of your original investment, save storage space, prevent the crane mats from rotting, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used equipment.

Recoup Some of Your Original Investment Selling Used Crane Mats

It’s a common misconception that potential crane mat buyers are only interested in purchasing new crane mats. In truth, there is a thriving market for used and surplus crane mats, especially for contractors working on a budget. By listing your used crane mats for sale, you can connect with these buyers, sell your mats and recoup some of your original investment. This is especially true if your used crane mats are rated grade A, grade AB, or grade B. Typically, there is less potential for grade BC or grade C mats to sell on the used market.

Sell Your Used Crane Mats to Save Storage Space

Storage space is limited and can be expensive to obtain, especially if you store your equipment offsite. By selling your used crane mats, you’ll free up storage space and save the money you’d otherwise spend on storage costs. Oftentimes, contractors will need to make room for materials being pulled from the jobsite, such as pipe pile or sheet pile, and need the yard space cleared from any asset than can be sold!

Used Crane Mats for Sale

Crane Mats Can Rot If They’re Left Sitting in a Yard

Because crane mats are made of wood, they will weather and rot if left outdoors. If you’re not saving your crane mats for an upcoming project, it would be a waste to allow them to deteriorate in a yard for an extended period of time; rather, you can sell your used crane mats to both make money and save resources. A win-win for all involved!

Sell Your Used Crane Mats to Help Other Contractors

The demand for used materials is one the rise as it gets easier for buyers and sellers to connect across the country. If you have unneeded used crane mats, consider selling them to take advantage of the active market while helping out a contractor who is actively purchasing for a project in the area.

Consider the Value of Your Used Crane Mats

When selling used crane mats, there are a few metrics you can use to determine their value. Crane mats are graded on a letter scale from A (the highest rating) to C (the lowest usable rating). Crane mats can be assessed based on the type of hardwood used, coloration, quality of bolts, and overall standard of construction. Furthermore, when selling your crane mats, it’s useful to know all the mat’s prior applications, which can help a buyer understand the stress the mat has previously undergone.

Final Thoughts

All in all, selling your used crane mats is almost always a great idea especially when selling with Eiffel Trading! This allows you to save storage space, recoup project costs, prevent crane mats from rotting away in your yard, and more.

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