Tips for Getting Rid of Your Used HDPE Piling

Did you know that HDPE piling you’re not using anymore could be making you money? There’s no need to get rid of it without exploring options to see how you can profit from it. Unfortunately, there aren’t a plethora of options for selling your HDPE piling and marine piling, but the options you do have, particularly the options available to you online, are definitely worth checking out. Here are some general tips for selling your used HDPE piling:

  • Explore online options. If you want to sell your used piling, doing so online is a great idea because of its convenience factor. Another option for selling is through a print classified ad. You’ll reach more potential buyers if you list your piling on a website, though.
  • Don’t give up your selling rights. Some sites that sell marine piling ask that you turn over the rights to your materials. You don’t have to do this, and not giving up your selling rights means you can advertise your used piling multiple places online if you so choose.
  • Pick your price. Avoid listing on a site that picks the price for you. You have options that will allow you to name the price.
  • Don’t pay to advertise. Some sites and classified sections ask that you pay a fee upfront to advertise your materials. Paying an upfront free isn’t necessary, though, and we recommend looking into free options.
  • Read the fine print. Before you advertise your materials anywhere, make sure your read any applicable terms and conditions. Pay special attention to fine print regarding commission. You’ll likely have to pay a commission once a sale goes through most places you list your used HDPE piling, but make sure you won’t be handing over an exorbitant amount of your profit.
If you’re still looking into ways to get rid of your used HDPE piling, we encourage you to learn more about how Eiffel Trading Company works! We don’t charge our sellers a commission or a fee to list with us.