Top 6 Reasons to Use a Temporary Lift Bridge in Bridge Construction

Navigable waterways are critical to maintain in American Infrastructure – most of the commodities moved in the USA are moved on the water. As American Infrastructure ages, more and more of our bridges are in dire need of repair or replacement. When replacing an existing bridge over a navigable waterway, there are several reasons to build a temporary bridge prior to demolishing and replacing the old bridge.

1. Maintain Local Traffic

a. Any time bridge construction is taking place, it’s generally for the greater good of the community. However, with all improvements comes sacrifices. By using a Temporary Lift Bridge to maintain a navigable waterway the local community impact is drastically reduced by avoiding long detours or lane closures.

2. Maintain Waterways

a. The maritime community helps keep the American and greater Global economy moving. If a bridge construction project were to temporarily disrupt a navigable waterway, the financial impact could be felt throughout the supply chain. By using a Temporary Lift Bridge and maintaining all navigable waterways allow the shipping industry to operate the most cost-effective lanes freely helps keep costs down and shipping lanes short.

3. Improve Construction Schedule

a. Dealing with traffic switches and the general public while building a bridge can be costly and time consuming. By moving traffic flow over to a Temporary Lift Bridge you can allow the contractor the freedom not to have to maintain traffic lanes while construction of the new bridge takes place.

4. Storm Preparedness

a. We are in a cycle where storm and natural disasters seem to get more powerful as the years progress. When a hurricane, land slide, storm surge, earthquake, etc. critically damage your existing infrastructure – a Temporary Lift Bridge can be installed much faster than an entirely new structure. This helps reduce community impact as well as maintaining the navigable shipping lanes.

5. Emergency Repairs

a. Safety is top of mind regardless of whatever industry you work in, however accidents do happen. From time to time you see large ships come in contact with bridges over navigable waterways which can put them out of service until necessary repairs are completed. Installing a Temporary Lift Bridge can help get the traffic and marine flow back to normal in a matter of a few weeks instead of years.

6. Re-Use Existing Right of Way

a. One of the most precious commodities in the world is land – as the saying goes, they aren’t making any more of it. Sometimes Bridge Infrastructure projects can be delayed by years if not decades due to the process of needing to acquire additional right of way to build the new structure. By utilizing a temporary lift bridge you can maintain a traffic flow on a relatively small footprint to be able to re-use the existing right of way avoiding years of delays and litigation for your much needed infrastructure project.

Temporary Lift Bridges are an invaluable tool for Contractors, Engineers, Owners and Government to know about and keep in their toolbox when it comes time to replace existing infrastructure over navigable waterways. If you are in the market for a Temporary Lift Bridge for your upcoming project whether it is in planning, design or construction phase – we can help. Please follow the link to see a current list of inventory we can offer: click here!

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