What are Bridge Overhang Brackets?

Bridge overhang brackets are a component of concrete formwork used for the creation of bridge deck overhangs. Bridge overhang formwork systems are typically made up of a combination of plywood sheathing, timber joists, and steel or aluminum overhang brackets. Steel is the most common material used for bridge overhang brackets. Overhang brackets support all of the other components used to create the necessary formwork. Bridge overhang brackets are commonly attached to a bridge structure using coil rods and hangers. Brackets are installed on each side of a bridge deck in order to hold up formwork as well as workspace for the construction of the overhang. In addition to being used for bridge overhang formwork, some bridge overhang brackets may also be used for other formwork applications like water treatment plant trough wall construction or perimeter work platform construction.

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Benefits of Bridge Overhang Brackets

Bridge overhang brackets are a handy tool for minimizing the work and effort required to create high quality concrete bridge overhangs. They are safe and sturdy. Installing them is as simple as assembling them on the ground and then setting them in place with a few maneuvers on a bridge deck. Installation of each individual bridge overhang bracket only takes a couple of minutes at most. Some overhang brackets are even designed to all be installed at once as a gang assembly. These types of overhang brackets make use of bolts that can connect the brackets instead of clips or clamps for individual installation. Bridge overhang brackets are also very versatile and can be affixed to structural steel beams, precast concrete beams, or concrete box beams.


Once concrete is poured into a bridge overhang formwork system and sets, bridge overhang brackets as well as other parts of the formwork system are usually removed. The brackets can be re-used for other projects or sold. Whether purchased new or used, most bridge overhang brackets can be disassembled to conserve space and fit neatly in shipping boxes or containers. The same goes for selling used bridge overhang brackets. Sellers can cut shipping costs (if shipping is necessary) by disassembling them or “knocking them down.” Re-assembly of bridge overhang brackets is fairly simple once they’re ready to be used again.

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Types of Bridge Overhang Brackets and Cost

There are various types of bridge overhang brackets on the market. Types differ in terms of size, adjustability, and capabilities. Dayton Superior, a top bridge overhang bracket manufacturer, for instance, offers the following types of brackets in its C49 series: C49, C49D, C49S, C49W, and C49JR. Dayton Superior also offers heavy duty brackets in its C89 series, including their extra-long C89L. Each of these types of overhang brackets offers specific adjustability settings to suit specific requirements of various steel and concrete bridge designs. Bridge overhang brackets range in price from around $40 per bracket to $100 per bracket. Their price depends on their condition and their features. New brackets are a bit more expensive than used brackets. Overhang brackets retain their value quite well for contractors who decide to sell them. There is a great used market for overhang brackets, so purchasing used is an affordable option for contractors on a budget.

Bridge overhang brackets are a vital component of bridge overhang formwork systems, and for all the reasons we’ve mentioned and more, they’re an excellent investment for bridge construction projects.

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