What are Sectional Barges?

A sectional barge is one type of truckable vessel. Truckable vessels are designed to be able to be transported using 18-wheelers, which makes getting them to various project sites simple and affordable. Other truckable vessels aside from sectional barges include truckable push boats and truckable tugboats. Sectional barges are sometimes referred to as “truckable barges”. The fact that sectional barges are truckable is one of the key characteristics that makes them different from other types of barges. Sectional barges are made up of sections or modules that connect to form floating platforms of desired sizes.


Sectional barges are popularly used for a number of marine construction applications as well as in many offshore operations. They are especially common in bridge construction, for dredging operations, and for drilling operations. Oftentimes, they are used as a stable working platform for heavy equipment. When connected together, they have the ability to form a rather large working platform, but also have the added breaking up into smaller barge pieces for transport and hard to reach working-areas.

Load Capacity

Sectional barges have load capacities for large cranes as well as numerous other types of heavy equipment (including excavators and drilling equipment). They can also support materials in bulk. Various models are engineered to be able to safely support between 100 tons and 500 tons. Their roll form decks are rated for between 5,000 lbs/sqft point loads and 20,000 lbs/sqft point loads.

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Transportation and Installation

A sectional barge is transported on a truck with its sections stacked on top of each other. When it arrives at a project site, its sections are lifted off into the water with the help of a crane. Each section has a lifting clevis or shackle for simplified lifting. Tag lines are frequently attached to sections to prevent them from moving too much while being lifted. Once in the water, sections are joined together to create the platform according to project requirements. To join them together, workers connect their bottoms and then drop pins to connect them securely.

Some sectional barges do not require the use of securing pins. They make use of locking systems that are attached to sections that allow quick and secure connection. Flexifloat is a manufacturer of sectional barges that make use of this type of locking system.

Purchasing Sectional Barges

Sectional barges can either be purchased new or used. Purchasing used can save you quite a bit of money, and sectional barges are designed to last several decades, so quality is typically not a concern. Poseidon and Flexifloat are the two most popular brands of sectional barges, and there is a wide array of both new and used options from both companies. Sectional barges are also often sold with accessories, and these are available for purchase used and new as well. Popular accessories include dredge boxes, hydraulic double drum winches, crane mats, and sea bee pushers.

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Selling Sectional Barges

Selling a sectional barge can be a lucrative choice if you are finished using one for a project and don’t need it for another for the forecastable future. There is a wide market of buyers for used sectional barges, and a seller can usually find an interested buyer fairly quickly.

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