What Are Spuds and Spudwells?

If you’re shopping for a sectional barge, you may have noticed that some sectional barges are sold as “packages” that include spuds and spudwells. It’s common for sectional barges to be sold with these add-ons, particularly from major manufacturers like Poseidon and Flexifloat. If you’re familiar with what a spud barge is, then you may already know what a spud is. While some sectional barges come with spuds, all spud barges come with them. And, generally, what differentiates a traditional spud barge from a sectional barge with spuds is a sectional barge’s unique “modules” that can be linked together to form platforms of various shapes and sizes. Traditional spud barges, on the other hand, usually come with a flat deck and spuds for mooring.

If you’re still a little unclear about what exactly spuds and spudwells are as they pertain to sectional or modular barges in particular, here are some helpful definitions:

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A shaft that is usually made of steel used to anchor or moor a barge to a particular area. This protects the barge from movement due to currents, wind, and use of machinery on the vessel. The spud is driven into the soil or sand below the barge. Spuds usually can be raised using either a specialized machine on deck or by using a winch, either mechanical or hydraulic.


– Also referred to as a spud “pocket,” this is a vertical sleeve for a spud that attaches to the side of a sectional barge. It usually connects to the perimeter of a sectional barge using a lock system. A spudwell keeps a spud secure and in place. You can think of a spudwell as the “female” part, and the spud is the “male” part. They fit together to offer stabilized anchoring.


Sectional barges ordinarily require the use of at least four spuds/spudwells, positioned at equal distances from each other. Any fewer than that will result in unstable mooring. It’s also essential that the correct spuds and spudwells, specifically designed for use with particular barges, are used. Below you’ll find some information about spud and spudwell options that are compatible with popular Flexifloat sectional barge models:

For their H-50 sectional barge models, Flexifloat offers spuds that are 12” in diameter and 40’ tall as well as options that are 20” in diameter and 40’ or 60’ tall. These spuds are compatible with 12” and 20” spudwells respectively. Flexifloat’s S-50 barges are compatible with 20”x40’ or 20”x60’ spuds and 20” spudwells. And the company’s S-70 model works with 24” spudwells and 24”x40’ or 24”x60’ spuds.

Poseidon sectional barges are compatible with Poseidon’s line of 20’, 30’, and 40’ spuds. Poseidon sells external mount spud pockets (aka spudwells) for use with these spuds. These spud and spudwell options are among the many accessories Poseidon sells to complement their sectional barges, including winches, pushers, safety railing, cleats, and ladders. The company also has helpful guidelines for proper use of spuds and double-drum winches.


In short, spuds and spudwells are useful tools in helping anchor sectional barges. And, as we’ve previously mentioned, they’re sold as accessories from top sectional barge manufacturers like Flexifloat and Poseidon in addition to other companies that specialize in sectional barges. Oftentimes, if you’re looking at used sectional barges, you may be able to purchase a package that includes spuds, spudwells, and other accessories like winches and safety railing, which eliminates the need to invest in them separately.

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