What Are Swamp Mats?

What are swamp mats?

Swamp mats are a type of timber paneling set over the earth to create temporary transportation routes that can be used to move equipment across wet terrain. Swamp mats are synonymous with crane mats, and are simple, practical and economical, and they can be removed after use. As the name suggests, swamp mats are most often used in swamps and wetlands, though they can be installed on any type of wet terrain.

What are swamp mats made of?

Swamp mats are made from hardwood timber. The timber can be eight, 10 or 12 inches thick and ranges in length from eight to 40 feet.

What type of wood are swamp mats made of?

Swamp mats can be made from many types of wood including Douglas Fir, oak and mixed hardwood. The ends of swamp mats can be painted with wax lumber.

What types of machines can drive over swamp mats?

Swamp mats are designed to support heavy machinery such as oil rigs, timber harvesting equipment, and most track equipment.

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Can swamp mats be used in terrain besides swamps?

Yes, swamp mats can be used on any type of landscape. They are particularly helpful in wetland areas, marshes, and areas with uneven ground.

What are the advantages of swamp mats?

Swamp mats enable heavy machinery to drive into rugged or swampy terrain. The timber mats give machines traction and prevent equipment from becoming stuck in the mud. Swamp mats are a convenient solution; they temporarily rectify unstable ground and can be removed after use.

Can swamp mats be uninstalled?

Swamp mats are designed to be uninstalled after use. This allows used swamp mats to be reused on another project, or be sold after a project in order to recoup project costs!

What is the service life of a swamp mat?

Swamp mats have good longevity; many swamp mats can be used for up to five years. For this reason, there is a strong market for the purchase and sale of used swamp mats.

How are swamp mats graded?

Used swamp mats come in Grades A, B and C. Grades A and B will have the least wear and as such, they’ll be the easiest to install and uninstall. Grade C mats will include more wear, which can make them trickier to work with. However, Grade C mats are still serviceable and are suitable for smaller projects.

Do swamp mats protect the environment?

Yes. Swamp mats protect the environment by preventing habitat damage that can occur from moving heavy machinery through a wetland. By using swamp mats, fisheries are protected, water quality is left intact, and channel changes are prevented. Furthermore, swamp mats help prevent vegetation removal and land clearing that could lead to erosion and sedimentation in the waterway.

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How do you clean a swamp mat?

Swamp mats can be pressure washed using water or air to remove debris from the mat. Swamp mats should only be cleaned after they are removed from a job site. Pressure washing swamp mats also prevents the transportation of insects, viruses and fungal spores from one wetland to another.

What types of projects require swamp mats?

Swamp mats can be used on any project that involves heavy lifting with the use of cranes, as well as renewable wind turbine installation, excavation projects, bridge construction, projects requiring crane access trestles, and any project where extra stability is required to support heavy machinery.

Can I Sell My Used Swamp Mat?

Yes. If well-maintained, swamp mats can last over the course of several project cycles, and selling your used swamp mat is an excellent way to recoup some of your original investment. This is especially true if your used mats are in favorable condition (Grade A or Grade B).

Can I Buy a Used Swamp Mat?

Yes. Purchasing your swamp mats used is an excellent way to save money on your project. Swamp mats are be graded either Grade A, Grade B, Grade C, or a combination of Grade AB or BC. Grade A mats are in new condition. Grade B mats have minor wear and tear that does not impact their ability to function. Grade C mats have more significant damage but are still useable in some applications not requiring pristine mats.

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