What are the Advantages of HDPE Pipe?

HDPE pipe is a type of plastic pipe that’s used to transfer fluids and gases. HDPE pipe (which stands for high-density polyethylene pipe) comes with many benefits: it is resistant to corrosion, flexible, has a long service life, comes with leak-free joints, is highly adaptable, includes trenchless installation, can be used for pipeline rehabilitation, and is eco-friendly.

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HDPE Pipe is Resistant to Corrosion

Unlike metal piping systems that corrode over time, HDPE pipe does not rot, rust or corrode. It is resistant to chemicals and biological growth, meaning the pipe has a long service life and saves money in the long term on repairs and replacement. With the use of HDPE pipe, water does not need to be treated to help slow the rust and pitting that is inevitable with metal pipes.

HDPE Pipe is Flexible

HDPE is flexible, ductile and has excellent resistance to fatigue. Unlike other plastic pipes, HDPE pipe is pressure rated to handle water distribution surge events.

HDPE Pipe Has a Long Service Life

HDPE pipe was once said to last 50 years, but in fact, the accurate life expectancy for the pipe can stretch up to 100 years, depending on the application, design and installation.

HDPE Pipe Has Leak-Free Joints

HDPE pipe can be joined by butt welding, electrofusion welding, socket welding or extrusion welding. These welds create a homogenous joint that is at least as strong as (if not stronger than) the existing pipe, with no need to use rubber seals or jointing chemicals (such as is needed with PVC pipe). As a result, HDPE pipe is more environmentally friendly, has a longer
lifespan, and is less likely to be affected by root intrusion

HDPE Pipe Can Include Fusion Joints

In addition to the above, HDPE systems can be joined with heat fusion welds. This type of weld involves heating two HDPE surfaces and then combining them to form a permanent leak-free system. Unlike the fusion process for other plastic pipes, HDPE fusion welds has been used by the natural gas industry for over 40 years and is known to be a proven method. Fusing HDPE pipe does not require high levels of training and can be accomplished by many personnel.

HDPE Pipe Includes Trenchless Installation

Traditionally, piping systems must be installed by digging a ditch, which results in pedestrian, traffic and environmental disruptions. HDPE can be installed using an open-cut method, or through the use of eco-friendly trenchless technology. This technology can also be used to install HDPE pipes under creeks, rivers, lakes and roads with minimal environmental disruptions.

HDPE Is Used for Pipeline Rehabilitation

Most commonly, HDPE pipe is used to replace old or corroded water mains, gas mains, sewer mains, slurry transfer lines, rural irrigation, fire system supply lines, electrical conduits, communication conduits and drainage pipes.

HDPE Pipe Is Eco-Friendly

HDPE pipe has a smaller environmental impact than other types of plastic pipes. It takes less energy to manufacture HDPE pipe then non plastic pipes. HDPE is lightweight and more cost effective to transport then metal pipes. Due to HDPE flexibility and the use of heat fusion joints, fewer fittings are required. During trenchless installation, smaller pipe can be used which results in less ground disruption. HDPE pipe joints negate harmful leaks, and HDPE does not emit toxins into the air during production or during use. For all of these reasons, HDPE is recognized for its minimal impact on the environment.

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