What Are the Benefits of Temporary Bridges?

Temporary bridges are prefabricated bridges made of beams and platforms that can be conveniently installed on a range of job sites. There are many benefits to installing temporary bridges around construction zones when a project interferes with normal pedestrian and vehicle traffic.

1. Temporary bridges are packaged for convenient installation.

Most temporary bridges come in a flat pack form, which means they’re easy to install and remove. Temporary bridge packaging comes with installation instructions and will list the time and tools required to install, allowing engineers to install the bridges seamlessly and effectively.

2. Temporary bridges include necessary safety provisions.

Temporary bridge packages often come with the necessary safety provisions, including handrails, textured floor panels and additional reinforcements to ensure that bridge users, both vehicular and pedestrian, can traverse the bridges safely.

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3. Temporary bridges allow for expedited installation.

Temporary bridges are ideal when accelerated bridge construction is required. Since temporary bridges are delivered in prefabricated modules rather than individual parts, it dramatically reduces the time needed to install the bridge.

4. Temporary bridges are customizable.

Temporary bridges come in a wide range of size options and can be configured to suit many different locations. The larger models are typically between one and three meters wide and four to 24 meters long. These structures are vital for use in urban environments when normal pedestrian routes have to be closed, since they result in minimal disruption to people’s daily routines. Temporary vehicular bridges can also be installed where normal roadways have been blocked.

5. Temporary bridges are temporary.

As the name suggests, temporary bridges are not meant to be permanent, but rather function as a makeshift bridge during construction projects, events, emergency situations, or other short-term applications. Temporary bridges can be conveniently uninstalled and reused once a project is complete.

6. Temporary bridges prevent roads and pathways from shutting down.

Temporary bridges are vital in urban environments when normal pedestrian routes have to be closed due to construction, since they allow for minimal disruption to people’s daily routines.

7. Small temporary bridges can be installed by a single worker.

Installing a small temporary bridge is straightforward and can sometimes even be done by a single worker. More complex structures such as the temporary overpass bridge may require a larger team and heavier equipment, but the process is still straightforward.

8. Temporary bridges can be resold after use.

Due to their impermanent nature, temporary bridges can be uninstalled and resold once a project is complete. Selling your used temporary bridge is an excellent way to recoup some of your original investment.

9. Temporary bridges have minimal additional infrastructure requirements.

Temporary bridges have minimal additional infrastructure requirements and can sometimes be sold with everything needed for installation.

10. Temporary bridges have high loadbearing capacity.

Many temporary bridges are approved for full highway loadbearing capacity to support both light and heavy-duty applications.

11. Temporary bridges are corrosion-resistant.

Temporary bridges do not require heavy corrosion maintenance since many are fully galvanized.

12. Temporary bridges are easy to store and transport.

Temporary bridges are typically built for e, making them easy to store and transport.

13. Temporary bridges can be purchased used

Did you know that you can save money by purchasing a used temporary bridge? Purchasing a used unit allows you to save on project costs while also obtaining a quality product!

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