What Are the Benefits of Using Crane Mats?

Crane mats are large, heavy-duty platforms made of wooden planks that are placed underneath equipment, such as cranes, to protect the ground and provide a stable platform for the machinery to function. Crane mats come with many benefits: they transport heavy construction equipment across rough or environmentally sensitive areas without damaging the terrain, they allow maximum stabilization for operating cranes, they can be used on any landscape type, they have good longevity, and more.

1. Crane Mats Support More than Just Cranes

Crane mats have excellent loadbearing capabilities and can support the weight of some of the largest construction equipment, including cranes, excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and more.

2. Crane Mats Protect the Environment

Crane mats protect environmentally sensitive areas by preventing machinery from digging tracks into the ground. By using a crane mat, you’ll also prevent unwanted cross-contamination that occurs when equipment picks up certain bacteria or fungi from one location and transfers it to another, which can cause further damage to natural habitats.

3. Crane Mats Protect Equipment

In addition to protecting the environment, crane mats also protect equipment. A crane mat acts as a barrier between construction machinery and the earth, preventing gear from becoming damaged on uneven terrain or mired in mud.

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4. Crane Mats Offer Equipment Stabilization

In addition to providing a barrier between the earth and your equipment, crane mats enable machinery to function with more stability, which makes it easier for teams to work smoothly and safely.

5. Crane Mats Can Be Used on an Array of Landscapes

Crane mats are versatile in that they can be used on any type of landscape. They are particularly helpful in wetland areas, swamps, marshes, and areas with uneven ground.

6. Crane Mats Have Good Longevity

Many crane mats can be used for up to five years. For this reason, used crane mats are often bought and sold for different projects as a way to reduce costs.

7. Crane Mats are Suitable for a Wide Range of Projects

Crane mats can be used on many projects that involve heavy lifting with the use of cranes, as well as renewable wind turbine installation, excavation projects, bridge construction, projects requiring crane access trestles, and any project where extra stability is required to support heavy machinery.

8. Crane Mats Can Be Used in Bridge Construction

Crane mats can be used to create bridge decking. When used for bridge decking, crane mats create a stable platform for workers and equipment.

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9. Crane Mats Can Be Used in Excavations

Crane mats can be used in excavation projects to prevent machines from losing their grip and slipping or toppling over.

10. Crane Mats Can Be Used in Oil and Gas Projects

Crane mats can create temporary roads and bridges to allow workers, vehicles and equipment to reach remote areas for construction during oil and gas projects.

11. Crane Mats Come in an Array of Sizes to Suit Different Projects

Crane mats come in many sizes to suit different projects. They are commonly between 15’ and 50’ in length, 4’ to 8’ wide, and 8” to 1’ thick. Steel through-bolts (also known as lifting bolts) can be used to support the width of mats.

12. Crane Mats Can Be Budget Friendly

Crane mats can be purchased used to save money. Used crane mats come in three grades: Grade A, Grade B or Grade C. Grade A mats are in like-new condition. Grade B mats have minor wear and tear that does not impact their usability. Grade C mats have more significant damage but are still useable in some applications, and are the most budget-friendly of all the crane mat options.

13. You Can Sell Your Used Crane Mats

When you’re finished with your crane mats, you can sell them to save on storage space and recoup some of your original investment. This is especially true if your used crane mats are in favorable condition (Grade A or Grade B), though if your used crane mats are Grade C, there are occasionally buyers for those as well.

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