What Are the Differences Between Acrow and Mabey Bridges?

Two of the most dominant brands of temporary bridges are Acrow and Mabey. Both firms specialize in pre-engineered modular bridging solutions meant to keep traffic flowing during construction projects, events, or in areas hit by natural disasters. As the name suggest, temporary bridges are not meant to be permanent, but rather function as makeshift paths during short-term projects. Both Acrow and Mabey bridges can be uninstalled and reused after a project is complete.

Acrow and Mabey Bridge Merger

In 2019, Acrow Bridge acquired the UK-based Mabey Bridge. They currently are a joint force, but continue to operate under their own brands.

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Acrow Bridges vs. Mabey Bridges


Acrow offers a range of high quality modular steel bridges designed to serve a wide range of applications. Most commonly, Acrow bridges are used on excavation, construction and drilling sites. The bridges are used to divert traffic around worksites and to enable access for heavy equipment, workers, and vehicles while a project is underway. Rather than offering multiple types of bridge configurations, Acrow’s modular bridge system creates temporary and permanent bridges, lift bridges, detour bridges, extractive bridges, and pedestrian bridges.

Acrow bridges are made from hot-dip galvanised components, which can be transported and installed quickly and easily. Their bridges include the Acrow 700XS Panel Bridge and the Acrow Beam Bridge.

The Acrow 700XS panel bridge is manufactured in the US using high-strength steel and features robust orthotropic deck panels designed to handle heavy wheel loads. The bridge comes available in single-lane, two-lane or three-lane widths with optional pedestrian footpaths and is considered the solution of choice for large-scale bridge infrastructure programs.

The Acrow Beam Bridge is a versatile short-span modular bridge designed for permanent or temporary projects that require rapid access. These bridges work well for highway loadings and vehicle types and can be installed easily within hours using minimal equipment and labor.

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Mabey is a temporary bridge brand that specializes in providing aid to regions hit by disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes and tsunamis. Though Mabey advertises its temporary site access bridges, each of their styles can be made permanent with modifications. Such types include the Mabey Compact 200, the Mabey Atlas Bridge, and the Mabey Pedestrian Bridge.

The Mabey Compact 200 is the brand’s most popular model. This modular bridge can be installed temporarily or as a permanent solution for up to two lanes of traffic, plus external footpaths.

The Mabey Atlas Bridge is often used to lessen traffic congestion for up to two lanes, though it can also be used to create access roads.

The Mabey Pedestrian Bridge uses the same modular components as the Compact 200, but it can be placed in an array of different widths to maximize pedestrian safety.

Reselling Temporary Bridges

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