What are the Maryland F-Shape Concrete Barrier with W-Beam Anchorage Specifications?

The Maryland Department of Transportation outlines specifications regarding the proper dimensions for F-shape concrete barrier beam anchorages, including general notes, elevation view details, plan view details and section details.

Maryland F-Shape Barrier W-Beam Anchorage General Notes

The Maryland Department of Transportation’s general instructions are as follows:

  1. All posts and offset brackets should be as shown on Standards MD 605.22 and MD 605.23

  2. The W-beam terminal connector and W-beam section should be lapped in the direction of traffic.

  3. The cost for the precast 32 inch F-shape temporary concrete traffic barrier terminal end will be paid for per each.

Maryland F-Shape Barrier W-Beam Anchorage Details

W-beam anchors in Maryland should conform to the following dimensions and include the following features, according to the Maryland Department of Transportation’s specifications.

Plan View

Each F-shape barrier includes a W-beam terminal connector (see STD. MD 104.01-48 for details). There should be a maximum of 1’-9” between the tapered end of the barrier and the center of the first W-beam anchor.

There should be a maximum distance of 4’-1-3/4” between the tapered end of the barrier and the center of the second W-beam anchor, and a distance of 6’-3” between the barrier’s terminal connectors and the center of the second W-beam anchor. (This distance is an approximation, based on the location of the ¾” x 2-1/2” slots in the W-beam and terminal connector).

There should be 6 anchors spaced 3’-1/2” apart from each other (for a total of 18’-9” in length). The final (seventh) anchor should be placed slightly apart from the sixth anchor at 6’-3”. Traffic should be moving towards the barrier such that vehicles pass the anchors first before passing the barrier.

Elevation View

When viewed from left to right, precast temporary F-shape barriers should end with a pin and loop joint (see STD. MD 104.01-53 and MD 104.01-54 for details); 26’-10-3/4” basis of payment per each for traffic barrier W-beam anchorage at precast 32” F-shape temporary concrete traffic barrier terminal end (rectangular washers required on this section).
The State of Maryland instructs that when beginning standard traffic barrier W-beams, rectangular washers should not be used.

Section A-A

According to details of section A-A, 4 square steel plate washers are required (see STD. 104.01-48 for details), along with galvanized hex head bolts that are 4-7/8” in diameter. Additionally, nuts and 4 rectangular washers are required (see STD. MD 605.51-01 for rectangular washer details. This section of the barrier is 1’-6” wide and 2’-4” tall.

This blog post is an interpretation of specifications by the Maryland Department of Transportation. Please consult with Maryland DOT's most recent requirements for definitive information.

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