What are the Options for Selling Precast VDOT Barriers?

Due to their durability, precast VDOT (Virginia Department of Transportation) barriers retain their value, even after multiple installations. There is an active market of interested buyers looking to purchased used precast VDOT barriers in the state of Virginia, and there are six primary ways you can reach these buyers: on a global trading platform, at auction, through online materials sellers, on local listing sites, through brokers, or on Eiffel Trading's Online Marketplace. Here, we outline the pros and cons of each selling option to help you determine the best strategy for listing your precast VDOT barriers.

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Option 1: Sell your used VDOT barriers on a global goods trading platform.

Online global goods marketplaces allow you to reach a large audience and sell your materials to customers worldwide. Unfortunately, since VDOT barriers are designed for use in the state of Virginia, you’ll be unable to take full advantage of these global perks.

Another downside is that global goods marketplaces often charge sellers a fee to list their products for sale. This fee can range up to hundreds of dollars per listing, depending on the platform and the product being sold.
Additionally, most global goods marketplaces take days and sometimes even weeks to push new listings live. This delay often applies to sellers who don't pay extra for a membership through the platform, and it can be frustrating if you need to sell your VDOT barriers quickly.

Overall, global goods trading platforms enable you to reach large audiences, but the extra fees and limited local benefits may outweigh the advantages.

Option 2: Sell your precast VDOT barriers to an online materials seller.

While global goods marketplaces showcase a wide selection of products worldwide, online materials sellers cater to local contractors and buyers in the construction industry. This is relevant if you’re looking to list your used VDOT barriers, since they are designed for use locally within the state of Virginia.

When you work with an online materials seller to sell your precast VDOT barriers, they’ll start by offering you a quote. The quote will include how much they are willing to pay for your barriers based on factors like the barriers’ condition, age, and the current market demand for VDOT barriers in your region. Unfortunately, online materials sellers typically offer quotes lower than market value for VDOT barriers since they need to be able to resell the barriers for a profit. When you work with an online materials seller, they take a cut straight from your potential profit.

Option 3: List your precast VDOT barriers on a local listing website like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up or eBay.

One local choice for selling VDOT barriers is to utilize listing websites that allow you to post ads. These sites help you to connect with buyers in your area, which is helpful when selling regional items such as VDOT barriers.

When you use a local listing website to sell your precast VDOT barriers, it’s important to note that you'll be responsible for handling the sale from start to finish. This includes creating the listing, communicating with potential buyers, negotiating the price, and facilitating the transfer of the materials. This can be time consuming, especially if you're dealing with difficult or unreliable buyers.

Another potential issue is that most local listing websites offer no options to handle disputes if a sale falls through or if there is an unexpected disagreement between you and the buyer. This means that if something goes wrong, you may be left without any recourse to resolve the situation.
Though local listing websites come with speed and certain conveniences, they pose the overall highest risk when compared to other selling options.

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Option 4: Sell your precast VDOT barriers at auction.

Auction houses provide a convenient way to sell your precast VDOT barriers with minimal effort, since the auction coordinators will handle the logistics and serve as intermediaries between you and potential buyers.
The most popular complaints sellers have about auction houses is that you won’t get to name your price or keep your selling rights, you’ll have to pay a seller’s fee, and you won’t have the benefit of selling your VDOT barriers to the most interested buyer who needs it for their project. Rather, your barriers will likely be sold to an auction attendee looking to get a good deal, who may later flip the barriers for a profit themselves. This means you’ll make a smaller profit for your barriers than you could have gotten otherwise.

Option 5: Work with a broker to sell your precast VDOT barriers.

Brokers offer access to a network of buyers who are interested in acquiring materials such as used VDOT barriers. For a fee, brokers can also act as an intermediary between you and the buyer, and they’ll handle the sale in your place, taking much of the responsibility off your shoulders.

The downside is that many brokers have smaller selling networks when compared to online platforms, which may reduce your chances of finding a buyer willing to pay your desired price in a reasonable timeframe.

Option 6: List your precast VDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace.

Listing your precast VDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading's online marketplace for contractors offers several benefits that can optimize your profits, minimize risks, and provide the convenience of a user-friendly platform.
Unlike many other avenues, Eiffel Trading allows you to list and sell your VDOT barriers at no cost. This eliminates any upfront fees or expenses typically associated with listing equipment through traditional sales channels.

Eiffel Trading's marketplace is specifically designed for contractors, creating a focused platform that attracts buyers actively seeking construction-related materials. Our website is designed to provide a seamless experience for both sellers and buyers, making it easy to create and manage your listing. With intuitive features and clear navigation, you can effortlessly showcase your VDOT barriers’ details, specifications, and images, ensuring that potential buyers have all the necessary information to make a purchase.

Overall, listing your precast VDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading's online marketplace solves many of the problems associated with other selling avenues. Our cost-free listings, targeted exposure, enhanced reach, user-friendly platform, and risk mitigation measures combine to optimize your profits, increase your chances of finding interested buyers, and provide a convenient and reliable platform for selling your barriers.

Our team is always standing by if you have questions or need assistance. To get started, email sales@eiffeltrading.com or call us 1-800-541-7998.

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