What are the Piling Methods of Steel Pipe?

Steel pipe is a popular choice for pile driving thanks to its strength, durability, and cost-effectiveness. When steel pipe is used as piling, it is driven into the ground using pile driving equipment, such as a vibratory hammer. Once securely in place in the ground, steel pipe has the ability to support exceptionally heavy structures and loads. Because of this, it’s a great choice for building and bridge foundations as well as other deep foundations in temporary and permanent applications. Depending on the type of steel and its anti-corrosive properties, it is also a great choice for use near water.

As opposed to many other piling options, steel pipe is inexpensive to install and easy to inspect and test for safety before and after erection. This is a major plus if ground conditions are rocky.

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Common Piling Methods of Steel Pipe

Piling methods of steel pipe will differ depending on factors like soil conditions as well as the unique structural necessities of a project. Different alterations to steel pipe allow for customized piling methods. Below are some of the most popular alterations in regard to piling methods:

Plugged Open-Ended –

Also called “closed end pipe pile,” this type of steel pipe intended for piling has a plugged opening at its bottom. Its plug on one end allows for the soil that fills the pipe to be a certain degree lower than the soil outside the pipe. Plugged open-ended pipe is ideal for loose and soft soils.

Unplugged Open-Ended –

Also known as “open-ended pipe,” this option has no plug on either its top of bottom. It’s a great choice for hard soil or rocky ground conditions and transfers loads through friction. Soil/ground level is the same on the inside of this type of pipe as it is on the outside.

Bottom Plate –

This is a type of plugged pipe pile that has a steel plate affixed to its bottom end. The plate allows for enhanced friction to minimize any sliding or movement. Bottom plate pipe pile is useful in rocky terrains.

Rock Shoe Plugged Pipe –

When a rock shoe is affixed to one of the ends of a pipe, it allows the pipe to come into direct contact with the surface of rock and prevents any sliding that might occur along the rock’s surface while safely and securing supporting loads.

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Franki Pipe Pile –

Engineered for permanent use, Franki pipe piles are sealed off with a type of moist concrete filling. They can withstand the most significant impact during driving and are suitable for applications that require such impact.

When installed carefully and correctly, all the pipe pile methods/styles listed above help create reliable and strong deep foundations, no matter the ground or soil conditions. Steel pipe pile allows for a great degree of customization and tailoring in comparison to other piling methods. This makes it an exceptional match for projects with very precise load specifications.

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