What are the Safety Benefits of Slide Rail Shoring?

Excavation work can be hazardous to laborers, and cave-ins have been known to take place even after safety precautions are taken. Shoring systems can be used to reinforce trench walls and prevent cave-ins during excavations. Slide rail is a modular component shoring system that’s used in place of driven tight sheeting or build-in-place timber shoring systems, and it comes with many safety benefits; the unique “dig and push” installation method of slide rail shoring allows for quick, efficient setup while reducing cave-ins and trench collapse that is common in other excavation methods.

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Slide rail shoring is a modular component system that allows workers to push the system in place while digging the excavation to depth. Due to its design, slide rail shoring systems can be used for a wide range of applications and provide enhanced safety for both personnel and those in nearby structures. They are comprised of vertical steel posts and steel panels, similar to those of a trench box. A four-sided pit system is created when the panels slide into the posts. The posts and panels are slowly pushed into the pit as the site is being excavated, and as the site grows deeper, the slide rail system is also pushed deeper. Due to this gradual installation, trench wall loss can be prevented, which works to prevent cave-ins.

Slide rail shoring systems are designed for a wide range of applications. These systems can be used on a variety of job sites, including tank installations, restricted areas, areas with poor soil conditions, areas that are sensitive to vibration, near rail roads, soil remediation, bore pits, pump stations, cast-in-place and linear pipeline runs.

Without the use of a slide rail shoring system, cave-ins and worker injury would be more commonplace, as would the potential risk of injury for pedestrians and those in nearby structures; if the cave-in is large enough, it has the potential to impact wider zones, upsetting the integrity of nearby buildings or disrupting traffic near the construction size. Each of these things can lead to more damage and injury, either at the moment of the cave-in or later down the line. Worker safety is a top priority on any construction site, but especially during excavations, as these are some of the most dangerous work zones for laborers. By utilizing slide rail shoring, common excavation setbacks can be avoided and worker injury circumvented.

Shoring Equipment for Sale

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