What Factors go into Selling Steel Plates?

Certain financial and logistical factors must be considered when selling steel plates, such as the plates’ location, quality, size compatibility, former uses, and more. Here’s a guide on fairly pricing and selling used steel plates.

How to Price Used Steel Plates Fairly

The quickest way to drive off potential steel plate buyers is to list plates at an unfair price. When pricing steel road plates, consider the plates’ location and quality. If your steel plates must be shipped from a remote location, it makes sense to offer them at a cheaper price in order to offset the inevitable freight fees. Steel plates located in major hubs, on the other hand, can be sold for a higher price since they are more accessible.

Brand New Steel Plates for Sale

Size compatibility is another element that can affect the price of your steel plates. If the size of your plates fits a wide variety of projects, the demand for these plates will be higher and that increase can be reflected in the price. On the other hand, if your steel plates only fit a very narrow range of projects, a lower price will reflect this.

Finally, the quality of the steel plates should influence their price; plates that are new or like new can be priced higher than plates with a lot of wear and tear.

How to Properly Photograph Your Steel Plates

Potential steel plate buyers are interested in seeing pictures of the plates they are purchasing. One of the easiest ways you can set yourself apart from other sellers is to take numerous high quality photos of your plates. Take photos in daylight using as many angles as possible in order to give online buyers a clear idea of what you’re selling.

Consider the Market Rate of New Steel

When pricing your steel plates, it's important to consider the market rate for new steel. If the market rate for steel is low, the value of used steel will also tend to be low. If the market rate for new steel is high, on the other hand, the value of used steel will also be high. In other words, the price of used steel follows the price of new steel.

Used Steel Plates for Sale

Be Upfront About the Condition of Your Steel Plates

While it's always a good idea to point out the best attributes of your steel plates, it's also important to mention any negative attributes, such as whether the steel plate is rusting or damaged. Be upfront about the condition of your plates and price them accordingly.

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