What is a CDOT Barrier Wall?

CDOT barrier walls include all precast concrete construction barriers approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) for use in highway, bridge and road projects. There are multiple types of CDOT barriers that come in different specifications, but as long as the barrier is approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation, the barrier is a CDOT barrier.

Though there are several kinds of barrier wall, all CDOT barriers have certain similarities. Namely, they are precast concrete construction barriers used to guide traffic, decrease speeds in construction areas, and provide protection to motorists, pedestrians, and workers against potential hazards in the state of Colorado.

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What Materials are Used to Make CDOT Barrier Walls?

CDOT barrier walls are made of strong concrete reinforced with embedded steel rebar. The steel reinforcements protrude from each end of the barrier, allowing separate segments to link together.

What are the Features of CDOT Barrier Walls?

CDOT barrier walls have steel reinforcements that extend beyond the end of each barrier, called connections. This design enables separate segments of the barrier to interlock and piece together uniformly.

Can CDOT Barrier Walls Be Temporary?

Though many CDOT barriers are intended for long term use, it is also common for CDOT barriers to be used temporarily. In scenarios where the barriers are only needed for a specific time period, such as multi-year highway project, road maintenance, or emergency situations, they can be installed and removed at a later date. Once their purpose is fulfilled, these barriers can be removed and resold for use elsewhere.

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How Do CDOT Barrier Walls Prevent Accidents?

CDOT barriers provide a critical layer of protection, safeguarding motorists, pedestrians, and workers from the dangerous consequences of vehicle intrusions into restricted areas.

In situations where a vehicle collides with a CDOT barrier wall at a shallow angle, the sloped face of the barrier allows the car's tires to ride up the incline, prompting the vehicle to pivot away from the path of oncoming traffic and redirecting it back to its original direction. This mechanism aids in mitigating the potential for head-on collisions and assists in preventing accidents caused by vehicles veering into the opposite traffic flow.

In more direct collisions, where a vehicle strikes the barrier wall head-on, the robust construction of the CDOT barriers comes into play. These barriers are designed to withstand significant impact forces and absorb the energy generated by such crashes. By effectively absorbing and dissipating the force, the barrier physically stops the vehicle from crossing over it, thereby preventing it from reaching the other side through blunt force.

Can I Buy Used CDOT Barrier Wall?

Yes. CDOT barriers are made to withstand heavy outdoor use and high-speed crashes, meaning they have excellent durability and can be resold and reused from project to project. Buying used CDOT barrier walls is an excellent way to save money without sacrificing performance.

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Can I Sell My Used CDOT Barrier Walls?

Yes. CDOT barrier walls are durable and retain their value, meaning they can be resold for other CDOT projects. If you have unneeded CDOT barriers left over from a project, there are many good reasons to sell the materials rather than store them indefinitely: you can make money to put toward your next project, save storage space, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used barriers.

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What Else Can I Source through Eiffel Trading?

In addition to used traffic barrier wall, we also boast a wide selection of used sheet pile, used crane access trestle systems, used pipe pile, used h-pile beams, and much more.

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