What is a Flexifloat Sectional Barge?

A Flexifloat sectional barge is a modular/truckable barge made by Robishaw Engineering. Sectional barges, including Flexifloat barges, are floating platforms that are “constructed” on-site by connecting sections or modules. When sectional barges are not in use and their sections or modules are disconnected, they can be stacked and transported on 18-wheelers, which is why they’re sometimes called truckable barges.

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When in use, sectional barges are employed for marine projects, bridge construction, and dredging. They support heavy machinery, workers, and materials

Flexifloat barges can carry small cranes as well as the largest, heaviest crane models. They can also carry hoppers, dredge boxes, excavators, etc. How much weight a Flexifloat barge can support depends on the model. All Flexifloat sectional barges are made of tough steel and built for repeated and extended use. They’re a popular item on the used market because they typically stay in good shape for decades and hold onto their value well.

Something that distinguishes Flexifloat barges from other types of sectional barges is that their sections make use of an attached interlocking system that eliminates the need for securing pins. This makes Flexifloat barges self-contained with no loose parts. Poseidon is the other popular manufacturer of sectional barges, and what makes Flexifloat barges stand out in comparison is their self-containment. And thanks to their interlocking system, Flexifloat barges are super easy and quick to assemble, which is a major plus if project speed and efficiency is a concern. Both Poseidon and Flexifloat barges are incredible assets, and the choice between the two comes down to contractor preference.

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Flexifloat Sectional Barge Models

Flexifloat barges come in a few different “series,” and the models in each series have distinct capabilities, making them ideal for particular types of projects. Below you’ll find more details about the specs of the models in each series.

Series H-50

This series has a load capacity of 100 tons and is the most portable and small Flexifloat option. It’s great for projects that need a sectional barge to fit in tight areas or be relocated frequently. A Series H-50 barge may also be used as a support vessel alongside another, larger sectional barge like a Series S-50 or Series S-70 barge.

Series S-50

Capable of supporting up to 300 tons in operational load, a Series S-50 barge is a great choice for numerous applications, including dam construction, bridge construction, oil well servicing, and equipment transport. It’s a gold standard sectional barge for projects that don’t involve the use of the largest, heaviest machinery.

Series S-70

With a static load capacity of 2,000 tons, a Series S-70 barge is an ideal choice for any application that requires a sectional barge to support an extra-large crane, excavator, or rig.

Even Series S-70 barges are stackable and truckable on 18-wheelers once disassembled, and all Flexifloat models are compatible with spudwell and spud attachments in addition to winch systems. As you can probably tell, a Flexifloat barge is an excellent option if you’re looking to invest in a high-quality and reliable sectional barge.

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