What Is a Pile Breaker?

A pile breaker is a construction tool used to cut foundation piles. The advantage of pile breakers is that they create a perfectly horizontal pile cutting finish without damaging the reinforcement or leaving cracks below the cutoff level. Pile breakers have a modular design and are highly customizable, meaning it’s easy to adapt the tool to the specific size and shape of each of the concrete piles on site.

The Anatomy of a Pile Breaker

A pile breaker is composed of cylinder modules and links, which can be adjusted and allows the pile breaker to fit around piles of varying shapes and sizes. Pile breakers come with different tip kits and tip lengths, which allows for easy maintenance and versatility. A pile breaker’s lifting kit enables the pile breaker to be used with cranes, excavators and other construction machines. Pile breakers are available in both light and heavy models, which are suited for different pile dimensions.

Foundation Equpment

A good pile breaker is adaptable to different construction requirements and is easy to maneuver into position, reducing setup time. Pile breakers can be adjusted on site, meaning the operator can break piles of varying sizes in a single use (at a speed of up to about 200 piles in an eight hour shift). Many pile breakers are designed with drill rods for increased reliability. Light model pile breakers will require little digging due to their small dimensions. Finally, pile breakers do not require special skills to maintain, which can reduce maintenance costs and extend the life of the pile breaker.

How a Pile Breaker Works

A typical pile breaker operation will look something like this:

  1. The operator positions the pile breaker around the pile that needs to be broken.

  2. The operator activates the oil flow, which causes the pile breaker to crush the concrete pile without damaging the pile’s internal structure.

  3. The pile breaker lifts upwards, separating and removing the concrete while leaving the steel rods free.

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Pile Breaker Advantages

Particularly for projects that require many piles to be broken in a single sitting, pile breakers can help reduce risk and decrease labor and maintenance costs. Pile breakers are fully automated and work many times faster than traditional concrete breaking processes, thereby saving time. Additionally, pile breakers are easy to use and simple to maintain. They don’t require special skills to operate, and they can last for years.

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