What is a Poseidon Sectional Barge?

A Poseidon sectional barge is a type of truckable or modular barge. Sectional barges, in general, are made up of sections or modules that connect to form platforms of desired dimensions. Once assembled and on the water, sectional barges, including Poseidon barges, are used to support workers and machinery during dredging, bridge construction, and other, related marine projects. Poseidon barges are made of tough, Grade A-36 steel, which means they’re strong, durable, and long-lasting. And they have embossed decks that are skid-resistant, corrosion-resistant, and rust-resistant. The modules that make up Poseidon barges are compact, stackable, and designed for efficient and simple transport on 18-wheelers.

Poseidon barges are made to support small cranes like carry deck cranes as well as the biggest, heftiest cranes, such as the Manitowoc MLC650. They can also support excavators, hoppers, and dredge boxes. How much weight a Poseidon barge can support depends on the specifications of the model. In addition to serving as platforms for dredging and construction, Poseidon barges may be used to transport materials, equipment, and other project necessities across waterways.

In comparison to other popular sectional barge options, such as Flexifloat barges, Poseidon barges have a special appeal for some buyers due to their “hairpin” locking system/connections. Poseidon modules connect to each other using securing pins, and their hairpin locking system allows them to be compatible with other types of sectional barges. This means they can connect to Shugart and Flexifloat barges for added adaptability.

As mentioned, Poseidon barges are rated for different weights based on model type. Individual models also come with unique features that make them suited for individual applications. Below you’ll find information about popular Poseidon sectional barge models.

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Poseidon Sectional Barge Models

• Poseidon I

With a 20,000 psf load capacity, the Poseidon I is a reliable and common choice. Its popular sizes include 20' x 10' x 5' and 40' x 10' x 5'. Poseidon I models are equipped with double drum winches and 20’, 30’, or 40’ spuds.

• Poseidon 2

This model from Poseidon 2 comes in sizes including: 10' x 20' x 7', 10' x 40' x 7', 10' x 20' x 5', and 10' x 40' x 5'. Its distinguishing features include hinge assemblies, external mount spud pockets, and male to male adapters.

• Poseidon P1N

A great fit for projects in narrow areas, the Poseidon P1N is available in 15’ x 7’6” x 4’ and 30’ x 7’6’ x 4’ sizes.

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• Poseidon 3

With a deck bearing capacity of 30,000 psf and the capability to float 37,000 lbs. payload at 50% draft, the Poseidon 3 model is an excellent choice for projects that require extra weight support from a sectional barge that’s still relatively compact. Common sizes of Poseidon 3 models include 10' 4" x 20' 8" x 4' 11.5" and 40' 4" x 41' 4" x 4' 11.5".

• Poseidon P-10

The Poseidon P-10 has weight bearing capabilities on par with a deck barge and is great for supporting the heaviest of cranes. Its spud pockets that include cable sheave are also a standout feature. Common sizes of Poseidon P-10 models are: 22' x 11' x 10' and 44' x 11' x 10'.

• Poseidon 2 Hopper

Excellent for dredging applications, the Poseidon 2 Hopper comes in a 10' x 40' x 8'6" size and features a 50-yard hopper box.

As you can probably tell, Poseidon sectional barges have a lot to offer for numerous types of projects and applications. You can’t go wrong with a Poseidon barge!

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