What Is a Single Slope Barrier Wall?

A single slope barrier wall is a type of temporary concrete barrier that is used to separate traffic and provide protection to motorists on roadways and highways. The main purpose of a single slope barrier wall is to provide a physical barrier between opposing lanes of traffic, as well as direct traffic during the construction process. This can help to prevent head-on collisions and other types of accidents that may occur due to driver error. Single slope barrier walls are designed to be strong and durable.
In addition to providing a physical barrier, single slope barrier walls can serve as a visual separation between lanes of traffic. This helps to reduce confusion and improve safety for drivers and construction workers, particularly in areas where there are multiple lanes of traffic or complex intersections.

Single Slope Barrier Wall Placement

Precast temporary single slope barrier walls are typically installed on the median or edge of a highway, separating opposing lanes of traffic during the construction process. These barriers are commonly found along highways, interstates, bridges, and other major roads where there is a high volume of traffic. They may also be used along the shoulders of roads to provide protection for pedestrians and roadside workers.

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Single Slope Barrier Dimensions

Single slope barrier walls are similar to Jersey walls except that they often come in heights of 42”, 36”, or occasionally 51” (such as in Tennessee). Single slope barrier walls are often used in TXDOT projects as an alternative to F-shape or Jersey barrier walls, depending on the project’s needs. In Texas, many recent TXDOT plans call for 42" single slope barrier walls.

Single Slope Barrier Wall Safety Advantages

In terms of function, single slope barrier walls are designed to absorb the impact of a collision and redirect the vehicle back onto the roadway. This can help to minimize the severity of an accident and reduce the risk of injury for drivers and passengers. In addition, this protects oncoming traffic from risk of colliding with an accident coming from the opposite direction.

Overall, the purpose of a single slope barrier wall is to improve safety for motorists and other road users by providing a physical and visual separation between lanes of traffic. In addition, temporary road barriers provide safety for construction workers and direct the flow of traffic during the construction process. These barriers are an important feature of many roads and highways, and play a crucial role in reducing the number of accidents and fatalities.

Single Slope Barrier Wall Design Advantages

When paving is added to roadways, such as during road resurfacing, the additional pavement changes the height and shape of barrier sections and reduces their effectiveness. Single slope barrier walls were originally created to solve this problem. Single single-slope barriers do not become less effective with additional paving, since their slope faces are constant. For this reason, single slope barriers are considered a smart, convenient alternative to other types of barriers.

Alternative Names for Single Slope Barriers

Single slope barrier walls are sometimes called Texas constant slope walls, since they were developed in 1989 at Texas A&M University. Single slope and constant slope are used interchangeably.

Temporary vs. Permanent Single Slope Barrier Walls

Single slope barrier walls can be used in both permanent and temporary situations, depending on the needs of the roadway and the length of time that they are needed.

Permanent single slope barrier walls are typically made through the process of slip forming. These barriers are permanently fixed on major roads and highways where there is a high volume of traffic and a need for long-term protection against collisions.

Temporary single slope barrier walls are designed to be easily installed and removed as needed. These barriers are used during the construction process and can be re-used or sold after the project.

Temporary single slope barrier walls are often used in construction zones or other areas where there are changes to the roadway layout. They can be used to redirect traffic around a construction site or to separate lanes of traffic during roadwork.

Overall, the decision to use a permanent or temporary single slope barrier wall will depend on the specific needs of the roadway and the length of time that the barrier will be needed. Both types of barriers can be effective at improving safety for motorists.

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Single Slope Barriers Allow for Flexibility

The main advantage of the single slope design is that the pavement around to the wall can be changed without changing the structure or effectiveness of the barrier. This consistency allows for decreased maintenance costs associated with the barrier’s use.

Single Slope Barrier Crash Test Statistics

Full scale crash tests have been conducted to document the improved results of single slope barriers when they undergo pavement changes, both with permanent and temporary applications. Single slope barriers are designed to redirect vehicles up to 4,500 pounds traveling at 60 mph. Based on test data, these barriers are able to successfully redirect severe impacts from these vehicles, even with higher centers of gravity. These findings have helped popularize single slope barriers due to their safety and cost-saving benefits.

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