What Is a Trench Box?

A trench box is a system installed to protect workers while they’re digging or excavating the earth. Trench boxes are also known as trench shields, sewer boxes, manhole boxes, or tap boxes. They give a trench stability and allow laborers to work in peace knowing that even if the trench collapses, the pressure and weight of the soil will not trap them.

Trench Box Design

Trench boxes are designed to withstand pressure from the earth surrounding them. Trench boxes are made from aluminum or steel with sidewalls of varying thicknesses held apart by spreaders or other trench box panels. Spreaders are beams that are placed perpendicular to the plates and function as braces. All the components of a trench box are welded together to make the system stable.

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Trench box systems are designed so that workers can move easily out of the trench box. This is crucial, especially during an emergency.

Trench Box Benefits

Trench boxes have two main benefits: they improve the stability of a trench and provide protection for the workers.

A trench box is a necessary addition to trench work because it stabilizes the site. Without a trench box, the excavation site is more likely to cave in. This is especially valuable for long-term projects since a trench box system can extend the “life” of a trench.

Excavation work can be hazardous to laborers, and cave ins have been known to take place even after safety precautions are taken. Trench boxes allow for extra protection and minimizes the risk of injury to workers while they’re on the job.

Trench Box Safety

A trench box can be used in combination with other protective systems, such as sloping and benching, for additional safety. Furthermore, as trenches get deeper, trench boxes can be stacked on top of one another to provide the required protection for workers. Each trench box must be designed to resist the pressure of the earth at the level where it’s being used.
Safety regulations exist to ensure trench boxes are used appropriately. The maximum depth at which the trench box system can be used in a safe manner is determined by the depth rating regulations.

Trench Box Resale

Trench boxes are often made of steel, which is a durable, long-lasting material that holds up well under pressure and after multiple uses. For this reason, steel trench boxes hold their value and can be resold after use.

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