What Is an Acrow Bridge?

Acrow is a brand that sells permanent and temporary modular bridges for use on excavation sites, construction sites, drilling sites, and more. The bridges are used to divert traffic around work zones and to enable access for heavy equipment, workers, and vehicles. Acrow’s modular bridge systems create temporary and permanent bridges, lift bridges, detour bridges, extractive bridges, pedestrian bridges, and more.

What are Acrow bridges known for?

Acrow specializes in the design and manufacture of modular steel bridging. The company offers a comprehensive suite of high-quality modular steel bridging solutions designed to serve a wide range of permanent and temporary bridge infrastructure applications.

What material are Acrow bridges made from?

Acrow bridges are made from durable, hot-dip galvanised, pre-fabricated components.

Does Acrow sell temporary or permanent bridges?

Acrow sells both temporary and permanent bridge solutions. At Eiffel Trading, we resell used temporary bridge solutions on our online marketplace.

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How are Acrow’s bridges installed?

There are three main Acrow bridge launch methods.

1. Acrow cantilever bridge launch

Acrow bridges can be installed using a cantilever launch method, which allows the bridge to be assembled by hand and rolled into place without the use of a crane. The cantilever launch method is Acrow’s most common approach and makes use of a launching nose and counterweight to install in locations where a crane is either not available or too expensive.

2. Acrow crane assisted bridge launch
Acrow bridges can be launched with the assistance of a crane, if available. The crane assisted launch method is faster and easier than the cantilever launch method since it requires less launching nose equipment and counterweights.

3. Acrow crane-lift in bridge launch
If a large enough crane is available, Acrow bridges can be lifted into place. The crane-lift method is the fastest of Acrow’s launch options and is often required in demanding situations where speed is critical.

What are the styles of Acrow bridges?

Acrow portfolio’s features three proprietary bridging systems (the Acrow 700XS® Panel Bridge, the Acrow Beam Bridge, and the long-span Mabey Delta™) as well as the heavy-duty Mabey Universal™ and the Mabey Compact 200™ Panel Bridge.

1. Acrow 700XS® Panel Bridge System
The Acrow 700XS panel bridge is a prefabricated bridge made of high-strength steel from ISO-certified mills. This system features orthotropic deck panels designed to handle heavy loads and is available in single-lane, two-lane or three-lane widths with optional pedestrian footpaths. The Acrow 700XS is commonly used for large-scale bridge infrastructure programs and has been adopted for use in emergency applications, humanitarian aid, and disaster relief.

2. Acrow Beam Bridge System
The Acrow Beam Bridge is a versatile short-span modular solution. Designed for permanent or temporary projects that require rapid access, Acrow’s Beam Bridge System caters to a wide variety of highway loadings and vehicle types, making it a good solution for short-span vehicular and pedestrian applications.

3. Mabey Delta™ Long-Span Bridge System
The Mabey Delta uses standardized, interchangeable steel components with full highway loading capability to provide a permanent steel bridging solutions. These systems can be configured for spans of up to 100 meters. They can also be supplied in multiple spans and supported on intermediate piers, meaning there is no limit to how long it can be.

4. Mabey Universal™ Panel Bridge System
The Mabey Universal is designed to accommodate the heavy-haul vehicle loadings used in construction, mining, oil and gas, and extraction. The Mabey Universal system uses prefabricated, interchangeable steel components which allow for rapid assembly and installation. This system is best suited for urgent detour rental and emergency bridging applications, or for temporary heavy haul site access on major infrastructure projects.

5. Mabey Compact 200™ Panel Bridge System
The Mabey Compact 200 uses prefabricated, interchangeable steel components which can be rapidly assembled in a wide range of configurations using minimal manpower and machinery. It’s designed to accommodate up to two lanes of traffic, in single or multiple span configurations, and can be configured for a wide variety of temporary and permanent applications. There is no limitation to its length.

Temporary Bridges for Sale

Selling Your Acrow or Mabey Bridge

Temporary bridges such as Acrow bridges and Mabey bridges are popular on the used market. If you have a used temporary bridge that is no longer in use on a project, consider the benefits of selling! Selling your Acrow or Mabey bridge allows you to recoup a portion of your initial material investment, prevents you from the task of shipping extra materials across the country, and saves storage space in the yard!

Purchasing Used Temporary Bridges

If you’re in the market for an Acrow bridge or a Mabey bridge, then consider purchasing a used option! Purchasing used allows you to save a considerable amount of money while still receiving a quality product. Win-win!

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