What Is an Overhang Stripping Buggy?

A lot goes into the process of creating a bridge deck overhang, and the process is one of the more complicated ones involved in bridge construction. Overhang forming through the use of bridge overhang brackets and overhang formwork is usually the first step of the process. Then, the screed rail is placed, the bridge rail is installed, and finally, bridge overhang brackets and any other formwork are removed/stripped.

An overhang stripping buggy is used to remove overhang brackets and overhang formwork from a bridge during bridge construction once the bridge deck is complete or the overhang brackets are no longer needed. An overhang stripping buggy is a cart-like fixture with work platform space that is temporarily attached to a bridge deck to allow easy access to overhang brackets and formwork that need to be stripped in order to complete overhang construction. Access to overhang brackets and formwork from below is often difficult if not impossible. An overhang stripping buggy saves the day by putting workers at eye level with overhang areas. And it offers easy and safe access to the brackets as well as nearby areas of the bridge deck.

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A typical bridge deck overhang stripping buggy comes with the following features:

  • A design that allows for secure attachment to bridge decks in order to access bridge overhang areas

  • A caged descent ladder and accompanying landing platform on the outboard side of the buggy to provide an adequate amount of clearance and space for overhang stripping to be safely and efficiently accomplished

  • A design that allows for the buggy to be moved/shifted along a bridge deck to reach various cycles of overhang stripping

  • The capability to enable access to overhang bracket undersides as well as overhang formwork along the entire overhang work platform

  • Around 1,000 lbs. of work platform capacity

Overhang stripping buggies are also often sold with a pair of electric winches that make raising and lowering them quite simple.

Note: A cantilever stripping buggy is another type of stripping buggy used in bridge construction. It’s quite similar to an overhang stripping buggy. However, it is used in the removal of formwork used to cast cantilevers rather than overhangs.

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United Forms Corporation is a popular and trusted manufacturer of bridge construction stripping buggies. The company offers a selection of buggies to meet the specific needs of various projects. Their 10-105 bridge deck stripping buggy, 835 cantilever stripping buggy, 16-9 ATX bridge deck overhang stripping buggy, 16-12 ATX bridge deck overhang stripping buggy, and 8-8 AT bridge deck overhang stripping buggy are all excellent options, depending on the requirements of a project.


Keep in mind that, as is the case with most forming-related equipment, overhang stripping buggies can be sold once they are used for one project and are no longer needed for another. This type of equipment holds its value and is built to be used numerous times. Those looking to buy used overhang stripping buggies will likely find a good and fairly priced selection on the market as well.

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