What Is Corrugated HDPE Pipe?

All corrugated pipes have ridges and grooves that run parallel to each other on the pipe’s surface. These ridges follow a pattern that falls perpendicular to the centerline of the pipe. Corrugated HDPE pipe is a type of pipe made of high-density polyethylene.

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What Are the Primary Uses for Corrugated HDPE Pipes?

Corrugated HDPE is mainly used for gravity flow water management systems such as storm drainage, subsurface drainage, sanitary sewers, and leachate collection. Due to its light-weight and non-brittle properties, corrugated HDPE pipe is also an excellent choice for use in underground structures.

What Are the Benefits of Corrugated HDPE Pipes?

Corrugated HDPE pipe can be used in situations where flexibility is more important than strength and durability. Since corrugated pipes are more adaptable than non-corrugated pipes, they have a wide range of applications. The height of the ridges in a corrugated pipe determines its degree of corrugation—pipes with a higher number of ridges will have a greater flexibility.

When comparing the different types of corrugated pipe materials, HDPE is considered the most versatile, flexible, durable, and long-lasting. Unlike metal piping systems that corrode over time, HDPE pipe does not rot, rust or corrode. It is resistant to chemicals and biological growth, meaning the pipe has a long service life and saves money over time on repairs and replacement. With the use of corrugated HDPE pipe, water does not need to be treated to help slow the rust and pitting that is inevitable with metal pipes.

In addition to the cost-saving benefits, flexibility and longevity of corrugated HDPE pipe, this pipe also has relatively small environmental impact. It takes less energy to manufacture corrugated HDPE pipe than non-plastic pipes. HDPE is lightweight and cost-effective to transport. Due to HDPE’s flexibility and the use of heat fusion joints, fewer fittings are required to install the pipe. During trenchless installation, smaller pipe can be used which results in less ground disruption. HDPE pipe joints negate harmful leaks, and HDPE does not emit toxins into the air during production or during use. For all of these reasons, HDPE is recognized for its minimal impact on the environment.

What Are the Types of Corrugated HDPE Pipe?

There are three main corrugated HDPE pipe designs. Type C includes a full circular cross-section with an annular corrugated surface inside and outside. Type S has a full circular dual-wall cross-section with an outer corrugated pipe wall and a smooth inner liner. Finally, Type D has a circular cross-section with an essentially smooth inner and outer wall, with annular or spiral connecting elements.

Corrugated HDPE pipe also includes curve alignments, which allow the system to follow the bends along roads and to prevent contact with utility lines. Specifically, Type C corrugated HDPE pipes can accommodate many curved installations.

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