What Is HDPE Pipe?

HDPE pipe is a type of plastic pipe that’s used to transfer fluids and gases or to replace ageing concrete or steel mains pipelines. HDPE pipe (which stands for high-density polyethylene pipe) is flexible, highly impermeable, and suitable for high pressure pipelines. Most commonly, HDPE pipe can be seen in use for water mains, gas mains, sewer mains, slurry transfer lines, rural irrigation, fire system supply lines, electrical conduits, communication conduits and drainage pipes.

The Benefits of HDPE Pipe

HDPE pipe is tough, resistant to chemicals, resistant to corrosion, and light in weight. Furthermore, it’s cost-effective, durable and flexible.
In addition to its durability, HDPE pipe can be joined by butt welding, electrofusion welding, socket welding or extrusion welding. These welds create a homogenous joint that is at least as strong as (if not stronger than) the existing pipe, with no need to use rubber seals or jointing chemicals (such as is needed with PVC pipe). As a result, HDPE pipe is more environmentally friendly, has a longer lifespan, and is less likely to be affected by root intrusion.

Used and Surplus HDPE Pipe for Sale

HDPE pipe is made of food-grade polyethylene virgin material, which makes it safe for the transfer of drinking water. It is also resistant to many chemicals, which makes it a good choice for use in process plants or around corrosive environments without needing to use protective coatings (such as is required with steel pipes). Since HDPE pipe has a low thermal conductivity, it can maintain more uniform temperatures compared to metal pipes, which reduces the need for insulation to control condensation around the pipeline.

How HDPE Pipe is Manufactured

To manufacture HDPE pipe, HDPE resin is heated and squeezed through a die to the desired diameter. The wall thickness of the pipe is created by a combination of the size of the die, speed of the screw and the speed of the haul-off tractor.

Polyethylene raw material is pulled from a silo into the hopper dryer to remove moisture from the pellets. After, it is heated by a barrel heater until it becomes molten and fed through a mold (called a die) which shapes the malleable material into a cylinder. The newly formed pipe then enters the cooling tanks, which spray water at the pipe exterior to reduce its temperature. (Because polyethylene has a high specific heat capacity, the pipe must be cooled in stages to avoid the shape from becoming deformed). A laser or powder printer prints the size, type, date and manufacturer’s name on the side of the pipe. Finally, the pipe is cut by a saw cutter into the desired length. Once this process is complete, the HDPE pipe is ready for use.

Can HDPE Pipe Be Purchased Used?

HDPE pipe was originally said to last 50 years, but in fact, the accurate life expectancy for the pipe is double that depending on application. Due to its longevity, corrosion resistance and durability, HDPE pipe can be sold and purchased used. Oftentimes, heavy civil contractors will temporarily use HDPE pipe on a project and then stick it in a yard once their project is complete. A more beneficial alternative to housing HDPE pipe in a yard is to sell it through an online platform like Eiffel Trading! Eiffel Trading allows contractors to market their assets to other contractors for selling purposes!

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