What is NYSDOT Barrier Wall?

NYSDOT barrier walls include all types of precast concrete construction barriers that have been approved by the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) for highway, bridge, and roadway projects. NYSDOT barriers are usually constructed from poured concrete reinforced with steel, and they are used to direct traffic, reduce speeds within construction zones, and shield motorists, pedestrians, and workers from potential dangers.

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What are NYSDOT Barrier Walls Made Of?

NYSDOT barrier walls are made of poured concrete reinforced with embedded steel rebar.

How Do NYSDOT Barrier Walls Prevent Accidents?

NYSDOT barrier walls stop cars from crossing over ledges, into construction zones, onto pedestrian walkways, and over medians into oncoming traffic. In shallow-angle hits, a car’s tires will ride up the sloped face of the barrier, which forces the car to pivot away from oncoming traffic and back to its original direction. In more direct hits, the barrier will physically stop the car from crossing the barrier through blunt force.

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Can You Purchase Used NYSDOT Barrier Walls?

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Can You Sell Your Used NYSDOT Barrier Walls?

Yes. NYSDOT barrier walls are durable and retain their value, meaning they can be resold in the state of New York after use.

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