What Is Seamless Steel Pipe?

Seamless steel pipe is a type of circular pipe that is hollow on the inside and contains no seams, joints, or welds on its exterior. This type of pipe is generally made of a type of steel, most commonly carbon steel or alloy steel. It may also be made of stainless-steel ingot. Manufactured using a process of hot rolling, cold rolling, or cold drawing, the result of its production, as mentioned, is a smooth, tough exterior. Seamless steel pipe is often considered the superior choice to an alternative like welded pipe because it can resist a greater degree of working pressure and is more resistant to damage and corrosion. It is, however, more expensive than welded pipe but can be worth the extra price for certain applications.

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Applications for Seamless Steel Pipe

Seamless steel pipe is versatile and can be used for several different purposes. Below are a few of its most common applications.

• Bearing Piles

When used as bearing piles, seamless steel pipe is an incredibly effective means of carrying as well as supporting loads from heavy structures. Seamless steel pipe can be filled with concrete to enhance its strength when used as bearing piles.

• Pipe Casing

During the construction of drilled shafts, either permanent or temporary pipe casing is needed, which is where seamless steel pipe can come in handy. Seamless steel pipe is able to support the hole during construction while concrete and cage are applied.

• Combi Walls

Seamless steel pipe can be used to create combi walls, which are retaining wall structures. Seamless steel pipe is used as the king pile in combi wall construction in conjunction with steel sheet piles. The pipe supports most of the load while sheet pile assists in transferring the load to both the soil and the king pile. Combi wall design eliminates transfer of shear forces across the interlock of the system.

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• Structural Sections

When used for structural sections, seamless steel pipe is a great choice because it offers an equal amount of bending strength in all directions, which makes it resistant to buckling. Its resistance to buckling enables it to handle significantly heavier loads for exceptional lengths. The employment of seamless steel pipe as structural sections is particularly useful for big, open structures as well as cofferdams.

• Underground Utilities

Jacked and bored seamless steel pipe is an excellent choice in aiding in the installation of underground utilities. When used in this manner, a section of steel pipe is typically driven with the use of hydraulic jacks in between excavations. Then, a subsequent section of pipe is spliced to attach to the first section, and the pipe is subjected to cleaning out to make space for safe and efficient utility installation. When used for underground utilities in this way, disruption to nearby areas, specifically roads and businesses, is minimized.

These are just some of the main applications in which seamless steel pipe can be useful. Overall, seamless steel pipe is a practical option where versatility, durability, and strength are required, particularly when heavy loads are involved.

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