What is Welded Steel Pipe?

Welded steel pipe is created using a flat steel plate or steel strip, and its manufacturing process results in a seam on its body. Specifically, when welded steel pipe is manufactured, a steel plate or strip is bent and subsequently welded into either a circular, traditional pipe shape or a square shape. LSAW pipe, SSAW pipe, and ERW pipe are all types of welded steel pipe that are categorized based on how they are welded. For instance, LSAW pipe is welded longitudinally, and SSAW pipe is spiral-welded. ERW pipe is electric resistance welded, which results in a seam that runs parallel along the pipe body.

No matter the type of welded steel pipe, production is quick and efficient and costs less than the production of alternatives like seamless steel pipe. Overall, welded steel pipe is an affordable, adaptable choice and can be used for a number of different purposes.

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Welded Steel Pipe Applications

As mentioned, the uses of welded steel pipe are many. Below you’ll find some of the most popular applications for this type of steel pipe.

• Water and Gas Transport

Welded steel pipe is excellent for transporting water, other fluids, and natural gas. Its affordable price makes it ideal for large-scale projects.

• Pipe Casing

When drilled shafts are constructed, pipe casing (whether temporary or permanent) is needed, and welded steel pipe can be used for this purpose. When used as pipe casing, welded steel pipe adds support to a hole while construction in progress.

• Bearing Piles

Welded steel pipe can be driven into the ground to help support and carry loads from big, heavy structures. When used as bearing piles, welded steel pipe may also be filled with concrete to boost strength.

• Combi Walls

Welded steel pipe can be employed in the creation of combi walls, which serve as retaining structures. In combi walls, welded steel pipe is the king pile that is used in concert with steel sheet piles to form a strong, durable structure that can support significant loads.

• Underground Utilities

Bored and jacked welded steel pipe can be used to assist when underground utilities are installed. When employed this way, hydraulic jacks drive sections of steel pipe between excavations, which are then conjoined with other sections of spliced pipe. Once the desired pipe structure is created, it is cleared and cleaned out to allow for a safe area for utility work.

• Structural Sections

Welded steel pipe can be used to create large, open structures, including cofferdams. When used this way, it can offer an equal degree of bending resistance in every direction, which enables it to be resistant to buckling, even when substantially heavy loads are needing support across considerable lengths.

These are a few of the primary applications in which you might find welded steel pipe employed. In terms of cost-effectiveness and overall efficiency, welded steel pipe is a solid and dependable choice!

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