What Should I Consider When Selling a Jersey Barrier Wall?

Jersey barrier walls are durable and long lasting, meaning they retain their value and can be uninstalled and resold for use on different projects. There are many good reasons to sell used Jersey barriers rather than hold onto them indefinitely, including the ability to earn a profit and save storage space. Before listing your Jersey barriers for sale, consider these tips to help make your listing more attractive to potential buyers and sell the materials effectively.

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1. Jersey Barrier Condition

The current overall condition of your Jersey barriers will impact your listing price. To determine the condition of your used Jersey barriers, note their age, visual signs of wear, and if there’s any major damage. Jersey barriers in better condition can be sold for a price closer to the original cost, while barriers with more damage should be discounted.

2. Jersey Barrier Location

A single Jersey barrier can weigh between 2,000 and 4,000 pounds, which can create logistical complexity and make freight expensive. If your barriers are located near a central construction hub like a large city or a network of highways, you’ll likely have more local demand for the materials and can therefore charge more. If you’re selling the barriers from a more remote location, interested contractors will be factoring in the extra freight costs and transportation time, and they’ll likely pass over your Jersey barriers if the price doesn’t reflect this.

3. Jersey Barrier Specs

Jersey barriers comes in a range of sizes, and materials; for example, Jersey barriers are often made of concrete and enforced with steel, but specifications can change by state. As you’re drafting your Jersey barrier listing, help potential buyers narrow their search and filter out unnecessary inquiries by listing your barriers’ exact specifications. You can help buyers narrow their search even further by listing the barriers’ location, as many buyers are looking to purchase Jersey barrier from the same state or a neighboring state.

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4. Jersey Barrier Photos

Buyers might hesitate to go through with a sale if they can’t view your Jersey barrier wall in its entirety. To help make your materials more marketable, take high quality photos in good daylight, and aim to take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you are showcasing the barriers in their entirety.

5. Jersey Barrier Price

Price is one of the most important factors to consider when selling your Jersey barrier wall. If your barrier wall doesn’t seem to be attracting many interested buyers, it might be because the price isn’t reflecting the location, market, condition and specifications of your barriers. Research the going rate for barriers of similar size and condition in your area to ensure your setting a competitive price.

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