What Should I Consider When Selling Used H-Pile?

Due to the durability and longevity of steel, materials like H-pile can be uninstalled from one application for use on another. There are many good reasons to sell used H-pile rather than holding it indefinitely, including the ability to earn a profit, save storage space, and take advantage of the high demand for steel.

Before listing your H-pile for sale, consider these tips to sell the materials effectively for a profit.

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1. Consider the condition of your H-pile.

The condition of your used H-pile will heavily impact your listing price. To determine the overall condition of your used H-pile, note the pile’s age, visual signs of wear, and whether there is corrosion or damage such as bends or dents. Used H-pile in better condition can be sold for a price closer to the original cost, while older pile with more wear should be more heavily discounted.

2. Consider the location of your H-pile.

H-pile is a heavy item which can create logistical complexity and make freight expensive. If your used h-pile is located in a region with booming heavy construction, you’ll likely have more local demand for the materials and can therefore charge closer to the going rate of used steel. If you’re not in a central location, interested contractors will be factoring in the extra freight costs and transportation time, and they’ll likely pass over your H-pile if the price doesn’t reflect these added difficulties. It's important to take your location into consideration when pricing your used h-pile beams!

3. Consider the prior application of your H-pile.

H-piles can have water environment applications such as a combi-wall systems and marine structures. Different types of water can cause more wear to steel H-piles than others. For example, salt water is typically more damaging to steel than fresh water and may lead to corrosion. Often, buyers will want to know the prior applications of your H-pile before purchase, so it’s useful to have that information ready and factor it into the price.

4. Include the H-pile’s specs like length and width in the listing.

H-pile comes in a range of lengths, widths, thickness, grade, and coatings. Typically, H-pile that is 30 feet or longer is worth more than H-pile under 30 feet in length because longer H-pile is more commonly needed and has a higher demand. As you’re drafting your H-pile listing, help potential buyers narrow their search and filter out unnecessary inquiries by listing your pile’s exact specifications.

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5. List Whether the H-Pile Has Splices

Not all H-pile has splices, and if it does, not all H-pile splices come certified with original paperwork. H-pile with splices that include certified welds and come with the paperwork to go with them are worth more than those without certified welds. When listing your H-pile for sale, be sure to note these distinctions.

6. Provide photos of the H-pile uninstalled.

Buyers might hesitate to go through with a sale if they can’t view the H-pile in its entirety. To help make your pile more marketable, take photos of the material while it’s uninstalled. Be sure to take high quality photos in good daylight and aim to take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you’re showcasing the pile in its entirety.

7. Set your H-pile at a competitive market price.

If your H-pile doesn’t seem to be attracting any interested buyers, it might be because you’ve priced the material too high. Research the going rate for piles of similar size and condition in your area to ensure you are setting a fair price. The sales team at Eiffel Trading is always available to walk through the pricing process with you!


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