What Should I Look for In a Shoring System?

Shoring systems are used to support structures to prevent them from collapsing during construction. Usually, shoring is employed during bridge and building alterations, repairs, or when there is a risk of structure failure. Shoring is also utilized during excavations to reinforce trenches, which are notoriously unstable and can cave in without the use of extra stability.

When purchasing a shoring system, there are several factors to consider, including how much strength you’ll need for a project (typically measured in kips), the number of linear feet required, how tall the towers will be (when applicable), how versatile the system should be, whether you should choose a name brand or an off brand, and what type of project the shoring system will be used for.

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How Much Strength Will You Need?

Shoring is most commonly used during the earliest phases of construction, when walls are undergoing reinforcement, when excavations need reinforcement, to hold very large loads during bridge construction or repair, and when a nearby structure needs to be demolished (to prevent the shored building from crumbling along with it). Each of these scenarios will come with different shoring system strength requirements. When considering strength, keep in mind whether the shoring system will be utilized for only one project or multiple projects, and the range of strengths that might be required for each. For example, if a shoring system is utilized on a heavy bridge project, the shoring system will require a very high level of strength.

How Versatile Should Your Shoring System Be?

Shoring systems come in many forms and can be used on a wide range of projects. If your shoring system will be used only once, this makes it easy to specify the system based on the project’s exact needs. However, if you plan to use your shoring system on a wide range of projects, including projects with yet-to-be-specified requirements, you should consider more versatile shoring systems with higher overall strengths and linear feet.

How Many Linear Feet Will You Need?

Shoring systems can be categorized based on their minimum and maximum number linear feet capabilities. There are several types of shoring for buildings, including raking shores and foundation shores. In the case of raking shores, inclined members called rakers give temporary lateral support to an unsafe wall. For building foundations, a shoring system such as piles and lagging support the surrounding loads until the underground levels of the building are completed and can bear the weight of the rest of the building. Each of these can cover a range of linear feet requirements, which can be customized based on the project. The number of linear feet will change from project to project, and so too will the shoring system.

Should You Choose a Name Brand Shoring System?

There are many name brand shoring system manufacturers, including PAFCO, Peri, Aluma and Acrow. Choosing a shoring system from a big brand may cost more, but it can help ensure reliability and gives many purchasers peace of mind. If you have time to do extra research, however, it’s a good idea to dig into smaller, less-known brands. With proper vetting, it’s possible to discover “off brands” that sell shoring systems with comparable durability and reliability for a lower price.

Shoring Equipment for Sale

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