Where Can I Sell Precast FDOT Barrier Wall?

FDOT barrier walls are precast concrete barriers that have been approved by the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT) for highway, bridge, and roadway projects. In Florida, this includes k-rail barriers and low profile barriers.

Because precast FDOT barriers are durable and come in standardized sizing, they retain their value and can be uninstalled and resold once a project is complete. There are six main options for selling used FDOT barriers: on a global trading platform, at auction, through an online materials seller, on a local listing site, through a broker, or on Eiffel Trading’s Online Marketplace.

Here, we outline the pros and cons of each selling option in order to help you determine the best selling strategy for your precast FDOT barriers.

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Option 1: Sell your FDOT barriers on a global goods trading platform.

Online global goods marketplaces are a way for sellers to reach large audiences and sell their materials around the world. However, global goods marketplaces often charge sellers a fee to list their products for sale. This fee can range up to hundreds of dollars per listing, depending on the platform and the product being sold. Additionally, most global goods marketplaces take days and sometimes even weeks to push new listings live. This delay often applies to sellers who don't pay extra for a membership through the platform, and it can be frustrating if you need to sell your products quickly.

Pros: High traffic means more buyers looking for precast FDOT barriers.

Cons: It often costs a fee to list barriers for sale, and some sites will delay your listing unless you pay extra for a membership.

Option 2: Sell your FDOT barriers to an online materials seller.

Unlike global goods marketplaces that offer a broad range of products from sellers around the world, online materials sellers focus on selling construction materials to contractors and other buyers in the local area. When you work with an online materials seller to sell your precast FDOT barriers, they’ll start by offering you a quote. The quote will include how much they’re willing to pay for your barriers based on a range of factors, including the condition of the barriers, their age, and the current market demand for FDOT barriers.

Online materials sellers typically offer quotes lower than market value for FDOT barriers because they need to turn around and resell the barriers for a profit themselves.

Pros: Often local, cater to individual sellers.

Cons: Will pay less than market value for FDOT barriers.

Option 3: List your precast FDOT barriers on a local listing website like Craigslist, Facebook Marketplace, Offer Up or eBay.

You can connect with buyers who are specifically looking for FDOT barriers on local listing websites such as Craigslist, eBay, Facebook Marketplace, and Offer Up. Working locally can simplify the process of transferring ownership of the barriers. However, when you use a local listing website to sell your precast FDOT barriers, you'll be responsible for handling the sale from start to finish. This includes creating the listing, communicating with potential buyers, negotiating the sale price, and facilitating the actual transfer. This can be time-consuming and can add stress, especially if you're dealing with difficult or unreliable buyers. Typically, local listing websites attract less qualified buyers as opposed to established contractors.

Another potential issue with local listing websites is that there are no mechanisms in place to handle disputes if the sale falls through or if there is an unexpected disagreement between you and the buyer. This means that if something goes wrong, you may be left without any recourse to resolve the situation.

Pros: Local listing sites put an emphasis on local sales.

Cons: You’ll be responsible for the entire sale start to finish, including the associated risks.

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Option 4: Sell your precast FDOT barriers at auction.

When you sell your precast FDOT barriers at auction, the auction house will handle the logistics of the sale and act as an intermediary between you and potential buyers. This creates an easy way to hand off your FDOT barriers with minimal work.

The downside of selling your FDOT barriers at auction is that you don’t get to name your price or keep your selling rights, you’ll have to pay a selling fee, and you won’t have the benefit of selling your barriers to the most interested buyer who needs it for their project. Rather, your barriers will likely be sold to an auction attendee looking to get a good deal, who may later flip the barriers for a profit themselves. This means you’ll make a smaller profit for your precast FDOT barriers.

Pros: Auction houses handle the logistics and require minimal work.

Cons: You won’t be able to name your price when you sell your barriers at auction, and auctions charge a selling fee.

Option 5: Work with a broker to sell your precast FDOT barriers.

Brokers provide a network of interested buyers for your precast FDOT barriers, which they’ve spent months and sometimes years curating. Brokers also act as an intermediary to help handle the sale, taking much of the responsibility off your shoulders. However, some brokers have smaller selling networks when compared to online platforms, which may reduce your chances of finding a buyer willing to pay your desired price.

Pros: Brokers bring their curated buyers network and handle the sale for you.

Cons: Brokers tend to have smaller selling networks compared to online platforms, reducing your odds of finding the right buyer.

Option 6: List your precast FDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace for contractors.

When you list your precast FDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace, you’ll maximize your profits with the lowest hassle. Our platform allows you to list your FDOT barriers for free, name your price, sell for a profit, and retain your selling rights. We put your listing in front of buyers who are interested in your exact item, and we further increase your reach by putting your barriers in front of industry buyers who are shopping for other materials and stumble upon yours in the process.

Unlike many other selling avenues, when you sell FDOT barriers on Eiffel Trading, you’ll never pay a listing or commission fee. Listing your FDOT barriers on our online platform requires minimal effort, and your materials will not leave your possession until the sale is complete.

Pros: Eiffel Trading allows you to set your price and retain your selling rights. You will never pay listing fees or commission fees. Listing your barriers is easy, and if you have questions or need assistance, we have a team standing by to help you.

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