Which Concrete Forms are Used in Highway Construction?

Since the 1950s, the popularity of formwork in highway construction has been on the rise. It’s useful for paving long stretches of highway as well as building structures for elevated sections of highway systems. There are numerous uses of formwork in highway construction, and timber, steel, aluminum, and plastic forms are all common in highway projects. Various styles of formwork are well-suited to the creation of highways. Below are five different concrete forms used in highway construction:

1. Column Formwork

This type of formwork is used to create concrete columns to support elevated highways. It’s an excellent choice for urban highway projects that necessitate highway structures above ground. Column formwork, also sometimes referred to as pier formwork, comes in both spherical and rectangular designs (among other types of designs) to suit the various structural and aesthetic needs of highway projects.

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2. Deck Formwork

For elevated areas of highway that require the creation of deck structures, deck formwork is often of great use. Deck formwork used to create highway structures is similar to the deck formwork used to create bridge structures. It’s a category of beam formwork. For long spans of elevated highway decks, deck formwork is frequently cast one module or section at a time. The end result is a long, continuous superstructure of connected modules.

3. Beam Formwork

Anytime beams are needed in highway construction, beam formwork is a go-to option. Beam formwork typically comes in the shape of a three-sided box and can be applied in a variety of ways to create structures for elevated highways as well as other highway-related concrete shapes.

When creating elevated highways, column formwork is frequently cast to the underside of concrete structures created with beam formwork. After which, it’s common for a collar of formwork to be clamped around column structures to support additional concrete beams as they are cast.

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4. Plate Girder Formwork

Plate girder formwork is used to create girder bridge structures that belong to highway systems that involve elevated sections of highway. Plate girder formwork has the ability to create heavy-duty wall sections to support elevated girder bridges.

These are just some of the most popular styles of formwork used in highway construction. Most of the styles of formwork listed above are used temporarily. Once concrete is cast, forms are removed and can be used for other highway projects or be used for bridge projects with similar needs. There’s quite a bit of overlap between the styles of formwork used for highway construction and bridge construction. When purchasing formwork for highway construction, factors such as the necessary dimensions and load bearing capabilities of finished concrete products should be taken into consideration.


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