Which Flexifloat Barge is Right for the Job?

Flexifloat modular/sectional barges are made of welded steel and engineered for use in the shallow water of inland areas. They are built to be used repeatedly for a variety of projects and can support significant loads of static heavy equipment as well as heavy equipment in motion. All Flexifloat models come with stackable modules that can be transported by truck. Every Flexifloat module has a lifting bar that makes lifting and stacking quite simple, and Flexifloat modules can be connected end to end, end to side, or side to side using a built-in locking system. This allows for various shapes and configurations to suit the needs of individual projects.

There are three different types of Flexifloat barges: H-50, S-50, and S-70. Below you’ll find information about what differentiates them from each other.

Series H-50 Modular Barges

These are the most compact Flexifloat barges. An H-50 model is engineered to support up to 100-ton loads while also being easily portable and well-suited to projects that require frequent relocations of equipment. Its modules are small enough to allow for simple transport on trucks and trains. H-50 pontoons are popular choices for simple construction projects, pipeline installation projects, core drilling, and material transport applications. They may also be used to service and assist projects that require the use of larger Flexifloat models like the Series S-50 and S-70 barges.

Below are some of the specs of the H-50 Series:

  • Depth: 3.8 ft.

  • Width: 7.5 ft.

  • Length: 30 ft. or 15 ft. (depending on chosen configuration)

  • Weight: 14,500 lbs. or 7,900 lbs.

  • Spud Options: 20-inch diameter or 12-inch diameter

Series S-50 Modular Barges

The S-50 series offers some extra load capacity while still providing excellent portability. An S-50 modular barge can support up to 300-ton loads and can support large cranes with up to 100-ton capacities. It can be transported by truck and train, but it isn’t quite as compact or easy to transport as an H-50 barge. S-50 barges are great choices for bridge construction, dam construction, large equipment transport, dredging projects, and well servicing applications.

Below are some of the specs of the S-50 Series:

  • Depth: 5 ft.

  • Width: 10 ft.

  • Length: 40 ft. or 20 ft. (depending on chosen configuration)

  • Weight: 27,000 lbs. or 14,700 lbs.

  • Spud Options: 20-inch diameter

Series S-70 Modular Barges

S-70 barges can support static loads of approximately 2,000 tons, and they can support cranes with loading capacities of up to 400 tons. Like all Flexifloat barge options, S-70 modules are built to be transported using trucks. They have the maximum strength and buoyancy of the Flexifloat line that still stays within the limits, in terms of weight and dimensions, to be safely loaded onto a truck and relocated on the road. An S-70 modular pontoon is ideal for applications involving the largest and heaviest cranes, largest bucket dredges and excavators, as well as drilling rigs.

Below are some of the specs of the S-70 Series:

  • Depth: 7 ft.

  • Width: 10 ft.

  • Length: 40 ft. or 20 ft. (depending on chosen configuration)

  • Weight: 33,000 lbs. or 18,000 lbs.

  • Spud Options: 24-inch dia. or 24-inch sq.

Buying Used

Since Flexifloat barges are built for repeated use, you can buy H-50, S-50, and S-70 models used as well as new. Buying used to can help cut costs without compromising quality. Once purchased, all Flexifloat options are quite easy to transport to your project location due to their state-of-the-art portability.

Selling Used

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