Why Buy Used Crane Mats with Eiffel Trading?

Purchasing used crane mats is an excellent way to save money on your project. When you’re ready to find the right crane mats for the job, Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace offers Grade A, AB, and B crane mats at the most competitive prices with the least amount of hassle.

Eiffel Trading Offers a Wide Range of Used Crane Mat Options

Crane mats are rated according to standards set by the National Hardwood Lumber Association and are graded on a letter scale from A to C, based on the type of hardwood used, the coloration, the quality of the bolts, and the overall standard of construction. Grade A is the highest rating for used crane mats, and mats rated Grade A are in excellent condition and look like new. Grade AB mats are in between the more “official” ratings of A and B, they are still great quality but a tad below Grade A. Grade B is the middle rating for used crane mats; these mats are slightly more worn than Grade A and AB mats but are still in good condition. Grade C crane mats are serviceable but have the most allowable wear of all used crane mats; these mats are not expected to last as long as Grade B or Grade A mats and are best suited for single, short-term projects. All crane mat ratings are subject to interpretation. The crane mat grading system allows you to narrow your search when purchasing used crane mats, and the best grade will depend on your project’s specific budget and requirements. Eiffel Trading has a large marketplace of active sellers, and when you purchase used crane mats through our online platform, you’ll have a wide choice of crane mats to choose from.

Used Crane Mats for Sale

Eiffel Trading’s Prices are Competitive

Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace provides a smart, simple and secure sales platform to procure used crane mats at a competitive price. As opposed to a time-limited or fee-driven auction system, you can buy directly on our platform at any time. Our commission fees are one of the lowest in the industry, freight quotes are included for free, and we have a team of dedicated personnel standing by to answer questions. Getting started quickly and easily by creating a free account.

Eiffel Trading Handles the Freight

When you purchase from Eiffel Trading, we are able to handle the freight. We are committed to processing your freight quickly and efficiently, removing the stress and allowing you to focus on your business.

Eiffel Trading Offers a Large Inventory & Country-Wide Options

Eiffel Trading's online marketplace has new crane mat listings added from around the country on a consistent basis. You can search for used crane mats based on location, price, type, and more. Additionally, you can request free freight quotes in order to better estimate the total crane mat fee.

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Eiffel Trading Can Resell Your Used Crane Mats after Use!

Lastly, a perk of working with Eiffel Trading is that we can turn around and help you sell your used crane mats once your project has wrapped up!

Buy and Sell with Eiffel Trading

Did you know that in addition to used crane mats, Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace also offers used HDPE pipe, used sheet pile, used concrete formwork, used traffic barrier , and so much more.

All of our listings are constantly being updated, but if you don’t see what you’re looking for, create a wanted listing.

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