Why Do I Need Timber Crane Mats?

Timber crane mats are platforms made of thick wooden planks placed underneath large equipment, such as cranes, to protect the earth from damage and to create a secure surface for the machinery to function. There are many reasons why using timber crane mats is a good idea: they protect the environment, prevent erosion, protect vegetation, prevent drainage changes, prevent cross contamination, and protect wetlands.

1. Timber Crane Mats Protect the Environment

One of the main purposes of timber crane mats is to prevent heavy equipment from digging tracks into the earth, which can destroy local ecosystems and disrupt vegetation. Timber crane mats create a barrier between the machinery and the earth, which stops the equipment from causing environmental damage. There is no long term environmental damage from using timber crane mats; once the mats are removed, the earth underneath is quickly restored to its previous condition.

2. Timber Crane Mats Are Useful in Remote Locations

If you’ve planned a project in a remote location, timber crane mats can be used to transport heavy equipment across unpaved distances. If you intend to move large machinery to a pipeline, nuclear facility, watershed, or other remote location, installing a timber crane mat can ensure the equipment moves safely and effectively while reducing damage to the ground.

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3. Timber Crane Mats Prevent Erosion

When you drive heavy machinery over unprotected earth, the machine will dig into the soft soil, causing degradation and interfering with the erosion control that’s important in wetland areas. Crane mats create a barrier between machinery and the earth, which prevents erosion.

4. Timber Crane Mats Provide a Solid Work Base

Timber crane mats can be used to create a work platform, ensuring the safety of your workers and the protection of your equipment by providing a solid foundation for machinery to function. If you’re operating on unstable ground, timber crane mats are an essential tool for the safety and efficacy of your project.

5. Timber Crane Mats Won’t Alter Land Drainage

Wetlands play an important role in our ecosystems. They prevent floods by channeling runoff water, prevent erosion, and act as filters for discharge, which enables nearby bodies of water to remain clean. Furthermore, wetlands serve as habitats for many plant species and wildlife. In wetland areas, river and rain runoff flows in delicate patterns. Large machinery can carve deep tracks in the earth, which can disrupt these patterns and harm the wetland ecosystem. If your project takes you through wetland areas, you will need to use timber crane mats to prevent your equipment from disrupting the land. Timber crane mats also work in the reverse, protecting equipment from becoming mired in mud.

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6. Timber Crane Mats Work on More Than Just Cranes

Despite their name, timber crane mats aren’t just meant for cranes. They can be used to stabilize most large machinery and apply to a wide range of projects, creating a barrier between the equipment and the ground.

7. Timber Crane Mats Prevent Cross Contamination

Cross-contamination is the process by which equipment picks up harmful bacteria or fungi from one location and transfers it to another. If you’re operating in a sensitive environment or an area that might lead to cross contamination, you can use timber crane mats to create a barrier between the earth and your equipment, thereby preventing cross contamination.


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