Why Should I Sell H-Pile Beams on Eiffel Trading’s Marketplace?

H-pile have a wide range of structural applications applications in highways, stadiums, bridges, combi walls, marine construction and earth retention systems.

Due to the temporary nature of H-pile and the high price of steel, H-pile retains its value and can be uninstalled and resold after it’s no longer needed. However, not all selling platforms are created equal, and the method you use to sell your H-pile can affect your bottom line. Here, we cover six reasons why you should sell your H-pile on Eiffel Trading’s Marketplace as opposed to global online marketplaces, through brokers, or at auction.

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1. Selling H-pile on Eiffel Trading will earn you more money.

If you sell your h-pile through a global goods marketplace, you’ll make less money on average because those types of websites encourage their sellers to list their equipment for the cheapest price possible, which drives down the price for everyone. When you list your H-pile on Eiffel Trading, on the other hand, you’ll have the opportunity to target contractors who are looking for h-pile with your exact specifications. Our enhanced search tools and niche market ensures every listing gets the attention it deserves, which drives up the value of your used beams and earns you more.

2. Eiffel Trading caters to a wide market.

Eiffel Trading connects buyers and sellers all across North America. When you sell H-pile on Eiffel Trading, you’re joining ENR Top 400 companies, rental companies, dealers, brokers and suppliers from all 50 states, plus Canada. H-pile listed for sale on our site is sorted by region and can be bought and shipped outside of a seller’s state.

3. It’s simple, no-risk, and requires zero obligation to list H-pile on Eiffel Trading.

It’s always free to create a listing on our marketplace, and listing your H-pile requires no obligation. You retain all selling rights for your pile, and you can edit or remove the listing any time you choose. Creating a new listing is as easy as filling out an online form, sending over photos, and waiting for offers.

4. Selling your H-pile through Eiffel Trading is a sustainable choice.

Our online marketplace facilitates the reuse of used materials, such as H-pile, which reduces the overall need to manufacture new products and ensures functional materials don’t go to waste. Furthermore, selling used H-pile on our online platform gives other contractors the opportunity to buy the equipment they need without having to pay full price for new materials. By listing your H-pile for sale, you’ll make money while helping out other contractors who could be relying on the purchase.

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5. Selling your H-pile on Eiffel Trading is free.

Unlike auctions, brokers, and other online platforms which charge listing and commission fees, selling material on our platform is 100% free. When you sell H-pile on Eiffel Trading, you’ll never pay a listing or commission fee. Instead, the buyer pays a fee that is built into our listing price.

6. Selling H-pile through Eiffel Trading allows you to name your price.

If you sell your used pile at auction, you’ll earn less than the market rate because materials at auction go to the “highest bidder,” even if their bid is unfairly low. When you sell your H-pile on Eiffel Trading, on the other hand, you name your price and only go through with the sale if you’re happy with the outcome.

7. Eiffel Trading allows you to sell your other materials and equipment, too.

Oftentimes, when contractors finish a job, they have a range of secondary materials that they no longer need and don’t know what to do with. If you’re in this position, you don’t have to scrap them. Rather, consider selling your unneeded materials on Eiffel Trading. Our online platform simplifies the post-project process and makes profiting off your material and equipment easy.


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