Why Should I Sell Used W-Beams?

Wide flange beams, also called W-beams, are a type of high-capacity support material made of steel that are used to build structural foundations for highways, commercial buildings, bridges, stadiums, and more. Due to the temporary nature of wide flange beams and the high price of steel, the beams retain their value even after many uses and can be uninstalled and resold after a project is complete.

If you have wide flange beams left over from a project or newly uninstalled beams from a previous application, there are many good reasons to sell the materials rather than hold onto them indefinitely: you can make money, save storage space, and help other contractors who are looking to purchase used steel.

Eiffel Trading specializes in the sale of used structural steel to buyers all across North America, including wide flange beams, h-pile beams, sheet pile, pipe pile, and more. When you sell W-beams on Eiffel Trading, you’re joining ENR Top 400 companies, rental companies, dealers, brokers and suppliers from all 50 states, plus Canada. Wide flange beams listed for sale on our site are sorted by region and can be bought and shipped outside of a seller’s state, and our online marketplace allows you to list, search for, and purchase wide flange beams 24/7/365.

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Why You Should Sell Your Used W-Beams

Sell Your Used W-Beams to Make Money

Due to the rising cost of steel, there’s a growing market of interested buyers looking to purchase steel used. Potential buyers enter the market every day, and by listing your steel for sale, you’ll be able to connect with these shoppers, sell your beams, and recoup some of your original investment.

Sell Your Used W-Beams to Save Storage Space

Storage space for large materials such as W-beams is often limited and can be expensive to maintain, especially if you plan to store your beams at an offsite location. By selling your used wide flange beams, you’ll free up storage space, which can save you both money and resources.

Sell Your W-Beams to Help Other Contractors

Due to the high price of steel and high demand for used beams, many buyers struggle to obtain the materials needed to move forward on their projects. If you have unneeded wide flange beams, consider selling them now. Not only will you take advantage of the market, but you’ll be helping out a contractor who could be relying on the purchase.

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Tips for Selling Used W-Beams

Once you’ve decided to sell your used W-beams, there are a few factors to consider before posting the materials for sale in order to make the most of your listing.

1) Price Your W-Beams Based on Their Condition

Before you sell used W-beams, there are a few metrics you can use to determine the material’s value, which can help you price the equipment fairly and sell it quickly. One of these factors is the steel’s condition. To determine the overall condition of your used wide flange beams, consider the steel’s age, visual signs of wear, and damage. Materials in better condition can be sold for a price closer to the original cost, while materials with more wear should be discounted. Similarly, look at the prior application of the beams. Materials installed in harsher environments may have more unobservable damage than those previously used for low-impact projects.

2) Take Photos of the W-Beams in Good Light

When you take high quality photos of your wide flange beams, potential buyers will get a better idea of what you’re offering and will therefore be more likely to act if interested. You don’t need expensive camera equipment to take high quality photos—bright daylight and a clean phone lens is enough. Aim to take multiple photos from different angles to ensure you’re showcasing your wide flange beams in their entirety. If you really want to go the extra mile, snag a couple videos as well!

3) Be Upfront About Defects

The goal should never be to trick potential buyers into overlooking defects. Instead, be upfront an honest about any abnormalities in your wide flange beams and price your materials accordingly.

4) Remember to List Certifications

Wide flange beams that includes original certifications are more desirable than those without a certification. If your W-beam is
certified, be sure to include that information in the listing.


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