Why Shouldn’t I Sell Used NYSDOT Barrier Wall at Auction?

Though auctions are a popular choice for materials sellers, many experienced contractors know the downsides of auctions far outweigh the benefits. Here, we cover some of the main reasons why you shouldn’t sell your used NYSDOT barrier wall at auction, and where you should list it instead.

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1. Auctions only sell barriers to auction attendees.

If you choose to sell your used NYSDOT barrier wall at auction, you’ll miss out on the chance to promote the barrier wall to a larger audience. In unreserved auctions, this reduces the likelihood of finding a buyer who is willing to pay your desired price. In reserved auctions, it could take much longer than anticipated for your NYSDOT barrier wall to attract a buyer, leaving you stuck in the meantime. In either scenario, you could have sold your barriers quickly for a fair price by listing them directly to consumers on a broader marketplace.

2. Auctions don’t allow you to name your price for used NYSDOT barrier walls.

Selling your used NYSDOT barriers at auction is risky, since the materials will be awarded to the highest bidder, even if the bidder’s offer is unreasonably low. Moreover, if a low bidder wins the auction, there's no option to undo the sale, and you'll have no choice but to proceed with the transaction. This is an example of one of the many ways that auctions revoke rights for sellers, and how many sellers leave auctions worse off than when they started.

3. Auctions charge a fee to list NYSDOT barriers.

Auctions impose fees to list NYSDOT barrier walls. Many sellers pay these listing fees because they don’t realize they have other choices, such as listing their barriers on an online marketplace.

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4. Auctions don’t promote NYSDOT barriers to the most interested buyers.

If you sell your NYSDOT barrier wall at auction, it’s unlikely the barriers will go to the buyer who needs them for their project. Rather, your NYSDOT barrier wall will be sold to an auction attendee who is hunting for a good deal on material, and who plans to later flip their purchases for a profit themselves. Because they are needing to flip the material to another buyer, they will be offering less money than a first-hand buyer.

5. Where you should sell your NYSDOT barrier wall instead of at auction.

Rather than selling your used NYSDOT barrier wall at auction, list the barriers for free on Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace. At Eiffel Trading, we tailor our website to attract contractors searching for NYSDOT barrier wall. You can earn a greater profit from your NYSDOT barrier wall on our platform, since potential buyers have a genuine need for what you're selling. Though first-time sellers may be unsure about a direct buyer-to-seller approach, Eiffel Trading’s online marketplace makes selling NYSDOT barrier walls easy, low risk and hassle free. Most importantly, listing and selling materials on our site costs you nothing, allowing you to earn a higher profit for your NYSDOT barrier wall.

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