Why Shouldn't You Sell Used Concrete Formwork at an Auction?

Used concrete formwork retains its value well and is a popular item among buyers looking to save on their next concrete construction project. If you’ve made the decision to sell your concrete formwork, there are ways to make your selling experience more profitable and less of a hassle. Unfortunately, selling at auction may not be one of those ways. Below are some reasons you should consider not skipping the auction and instead explore other selling possibilities:

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1. You Might Have to Sell at a Discount

Unreserved auctions sell to the highest bidder. When this is the case, there’s a chance the highest bidder will luck out and snag your concrete formwork at a deep discount. This can minimize your potential profits and make selling at auction an unbeneficial and frustrating experience.

2. You’ll Have to Fork Over Your Selling Rights

Retaining your selling rights means that you have the opportunity to list your concrete formwork on multiple online selling channels. Many auction sites require you to sign over your selling rights, which means you can’t explore and try out multiple selling options. It also means that you’re putting all your eggs in one basket and risking not finding the right buyer by limiting your selling reach. The factor of your selling rights may not seem like that big of a deal, but it can make a big difference in the outcome of your selling experience.

3. You Might Have to Pay Fees

Fees to sell or become a seller are the norm on auction sites, which means you have to pay to take the risk of potentially selling at a discount to the highest bidder. Online marketplaces like Eiffel Trading don’t require you to pay any fees to list, which eliminates you having to take that risk.

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4. Timed Auctions Limit Reach to Potential Buyers

Auctions that are timed limit the duration your formwork has to reach potential buyers. This means you might not find the buyers who are willing to pay market value for your high-quality concrete formwork. Why subject yourself to being unnecessarily rushed? There are other selling options that don’t come with time constraints that are a better bet.

5. The Right Buyers May Not Be Targeted

Auction sites sell a large number of different types of goods, and so their digital marketing efforts are often not very targeted to find the right buyers or a diverse array of potential buyers. An online marketplace like Eiffel Trading dedicates more time and effort to targeted marketing strategies to attract the right type of buyers who are willing to pay you decently and well for your concrete formwork.

The risks often outweigh the benefits when it comes to selling your used concrete formwork at auction. It’s likely in your favor to explore other selling options that don’t force fees or time constraints on you or take away your selling rights. Consider selling with Eiffel Trading and experience the difference of a selling model tailored to your needs!

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